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Founder & CEO of KETL Mtn. Apparel & Worldwide Cyclery. Jeff Cayley went from racing mountain bikes professionally to building a one-of-a-kind boutique mountain bike shop & outdoor apparel brand. Cayley's companies have landed on the Inc. 5000, Entrepreneur 360 list & been featured in several marketing / branding case studies.

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For many businesses, the holiday season is a time of increased demand and heightened activity, necessitating the hiring of seasonal or temporary workers. While these short-term team members are invaluable in meeting customer needs, managing a sudden influx of new hires can be a daunting task. To ensure a smooth and successful operation, it's essential for employers to master the art of managing seasonal or temporary teams effectively. Here, Young Entrepreneur Council members offer practical tips and strategies for setting up these temporary workers, and the entire team, for success during the holiday rush. These tips will help employers navigate the challenges that come with seasonal staffing while maintaining service quality and customer satisfaction.

10 Ways Employers Can Help Their Teams Feel Less Lonely At Work

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In his 2023 report, the U.S. Surgeon General reported that millions of Americans are lonely, not just at home, but also at work—and this continues to be an ongoing issue. While this trend began before the pandemic isolated millions of individuals from their families and friends, these feelings of loneliness have only increased since. As one’s work makes up a significant part of a person’s life, finding ways to seek connection with co-workers and build a sense of belonging and camaraderie is key to addressing this ongoing problem. So how can employers help? Here to share their insights, 10 business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council weigh in on what employers can do to ensure their teams feel connected and supported at work, and discuss why doing so is so important for everyone’s well-being.

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As a member of the executive team, a COO—or chief operating officer—is a key leadership position responsible for the overall daily operations of a business, ensuring long-term goals are met with everyday tasks and initiatives. Because the COO has a hand in nearly every department of the company, selecting the right one could be the difference between a major business failure and a major success.  How, then, can companies ensure they’re recruiting and hiring the best candidates for such an important role? The members of Young Entrepreneur Council break down the answer below by sharing nine tactical steps business leaders can take to ensure they hire the best COO for their team.

Nine Signs You Need Better Work-Life Balance (And How To Get It)

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While it’s important to find balance throughout the year, the summer months are a great reminder to make more time for fun activities and personal or family time outside of work. A determined focus on one’s career or budding business can be necessary to achieve your goals and grow as a professional, but if left unchecked, it can also leave you feeling unbalanced, tired, stressed and like you’re missing out on precious time with your loved ones. If you think you may be letting your work life get in the way of your personal one, consider these other signs of overwork, as listed by the members of Young Entrepreneur Council. Here, they discuss these red flags as well as what you can do to finally achieve work-life balance.

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With vacations, warm-weather activities and a renewed sense of energy to occupy your mind, staying productive in the summer months can sometimes be a difficult task. But whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to grow your business or a busy professional trying to get through a project, finding ways to maintain focus is key to being able to do your best work. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice your summer in order to stay productive. According to the members of Young Entrepreneur Council, it’s all about balance. Here, they discuss some of their best tips for how to find your focus and stay productive when the joys of summer are making you feel a bit distracted.

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The social media landscape is in a constant state of flux, with new platforms and trends coming and going all the time—with recent uncertainty surrounding potential TikTok bans in several countries leaving businesses wondering how to best maintain their social media presence. Despite these challenges, businesses must stay adaptable and learn to navigate these changes to succeed in their social media marketing efforts. To help you ensure success in an ever-changing social media landscape, members of Young Entrepreneur Council share their tried-and-true social media marketing tips for businesses.

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KETL Mtn. Apparel creates outdoor & travel apparel with a focus on versatility & useful design features. Every product sold comes with a lifetime repair guarantee that covers anything from rips, tears, stains etc. All apparel is made to last a lifetime & keep closets and travel bags as minimalist as possible. Pack light, do more!


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