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Developer with over a decade of experience. I believe in making software that's FAST and just works! I'm the co-founder of WPForms, a popular drag & drop form builder for WordPress that's currently being used on over 5 million websites.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Business With A Co-Founder

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Many people dream of starting their own business, being their own boss and taking charge of their work life. However, while there are plenty of benefits to going it alone, becoming a solopreneur can also feel very lonely or isolating as you navigate the ups and downs of getting a business off the ground. For this reason, many aspiring business owners choose to seek out a co-founder to help them on their journey. From giving your business more credibility to acting as a soundboard for your creative ideas, opting to enter into such a partnership may just be the perfect solution for you. Here, the business leaders of Young Entrepreneur Council explore these benefits and more as they outline 10 reasons why someone may want to find a co-founder rather than go it alone as a solopreneur.

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When a member of the C-suite leaves their position, it can have a ripple effect throughout the whole company. Because they’re a key leader of your business, their departure may leave employees wondering whether they were let go or left of their own accord, whether their own jobs will be affected, whether there will be significant changes to the company culture or whether new policies and procedures will be put in place.  While change is often necessary in order for companies to grow, key changes in leadership must be handled thoughtfully to help quell these fears and answer employees’ questions. To do so, consider the following advice from the members of Young Entrepreneur Council. Here, they offer their best tips for how to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any negative impacts after a C-suite exec leaves your company.

How To Negotiate Your Salary (According To These Successful Business Leaders)

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As inflation continues to take its toll on the economy, many professionals are looking for ways to increase their income. While some may choose to take their talents elsewhere and seek a higher-paying job, or even add on to their workload by taking on a potentially lucrative side hustle, others are content with their current career of choice and would rather earn their bump in pay another way: a raise.  However, unlike applying for a new position at another company, the path to achieving a salary increase at your current job may not feel as clear. That’s why we asked nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council to share their best tips for how to successfully negotiate a salary increase and why doing so can help you get the increase in pay you deserve.

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While any aspiring entrepreneur hopes to achieve success right away, one difficult truth many now-successful entrepreneurs cite is that the road to successful entrepreneurship is often paved with failure. From poor ideas to failed launches to repeated rejections, failure can crop up in numerous ways throughout a business leader’s career, no matter how experienced or knowledgable they are. However, even understanding that failure is part of the journey won’t necessarily make it an easy path to follow, making maintaining a positive perspective in the face of rejection and adversity a difficult task. To offer their guidance, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss their best advice for maintaining the right mindset while on your entrepreneurial journey and how doing so will catapult you toward success.

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As a business owner, it’s easy to assume that you have to be a nonprofit in order to get involved in the world of philanthropy. However, your business doesn’t have to be centered around a particular cause in order to give back. By building a company culture that values generosity and doing good for the community, you can make a difference no matter what type of business you’re in. But how can you as a leader incorporate these kinds of values into your company culture? Here, nine business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council offer their suggestions for easy ways businesses of any size can make philanthropy part of their company culture and the impact this has on your employees and your company overall.

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No matter what business you run, when you’re designing your website, you’re not really designing it for your business—you’re designing it for your customers. Users of your website need to be able to easily find your website and navigate it to find the solution to their problem. This process is all part of their user experience (UX), and providing them with a positive experience should be your main motivation behind every design choice you make. As business leaders themselves, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council understand what it takes to produce a thoughtful website that keeps the user experience in mind, and here, they each share the one rule or lesson they think about when trying to create a better user experience for their website visitors and how this thinking helps shape their final design.

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