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James Simpson

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GoldFire Studios

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Area

James Simpson started developing games when he was 13 years old by teaching himself programming and design during summer break. He sold his first business when he was 14 years old, and to date has sold 8 different businesses in various entertainment fields including gaming and music. Over the last decade, over one hundred million people have visited his websites from every country. He now runs GoldFire Studios, which is a cross-platform game development studio based out of downtown Oklahoma City.


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October 28th, 2022

10 Strategies These Entrepreneurs Use To Simplify Their Days And Avoid Stress

Businesses are made up of a lot of moving parts, so running one can often be a complex endeavor. Without a plan or a strategy for keeping all these moving parts in line, it can be easy to fall into stress, overwhelm and a general sense of unhappiness during your workday.

April 18th, 2022

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March 10th, 2022

Eight Impactful Books That May Change The Way You Lead Your Company

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March 8th, 2022

Eight Strategies For Tackling A Necessary Task You Don't Want To Do

For many people faced with an unpleasant assignment, procrastination provides a welcome escape. While putting off the work might be comforting in the short term, however, it inevitably results in more stress and frustration down the line. 


GoldFire Studios

GoldFire Studios is pioneering the next generation of social gaming by bringing real-time multiplayer games to your tablets and computers with cutting edge web technologies. Our vision is to enable the same engaging gameplay and meaningful social experiences across all devices and platforms.


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