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Jake is the President & Founder of 10up, a digital agency that finely crafts websites and tools for content creators, leveraging open platforms like WordPress. Jake and 10up has delivered hundreds of digital projects for some of the largest brands in the world, including Microsoft, Google, Starbucks, The New York Times Co, and AMC Networks - to name a few. 10up’s projects have earned multiple Webby Awards, and 2 Emmy Award nominations. Part marketer, part engineer, and part UX designer, Jake has been making websites since the 1990s, has a degree in Information Systems, has spoken at dozens of conferences, and been quoted in publications like Time and CNet. He bootstrapped 10up from a 1 man operation in 2011 to more than 200 full time staff around the globe.

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Every once in a while, a new team member "wows" leadership right out of the gate. Whether it’s because they dove headfirst into an important project, shared feedback on an inefficient process or simply asked great questions, these new employees found creative ways to impress their leadership and quickly establish themselves in their new positions.  As business leaders, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council have brought on many new hires over the years. Below, they each share one effective method they’ve seen new employees use to jump right into their new roles and explain why doing so can create such a positive first impression with the leadership team.

Keep Your Social Media On Brand With These 11 Strategies

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Social media has become an integral part of modern-day marketing strategies, enabling companies to reach out to their target audiences more efficiently than ever before. With the proliferation of different social media platforms, it's crucial for companies to maintain a consistent brand voice across all channels. This not only helps in establishing a strong brand identity, but it also enables companies to effectively engage and inform their audiences. To share their insights on how to do this, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) experts reacted to the following question:

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When it comes to employees taking vacations, it’s all about achieving balance. Too many staff members off at once can cause heavy workloads and stress for the remaining team, but too few staff members taking time off can also mean your team isn’t getting the rest and relaxation they need to do their best work.  Encouraging time off, then, is necessary for a happy and healthy workforce. However, to prevent work from piling up while staff is away, leaders will need to take a few proactive steps. Below, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council each share one thing a leader can do to help prevent overwhelm and stress for their team while others are away.

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A company’s chief operations officer—or COO—is responsible for one of the most important aspects of business: its day-to-day operations. Because the current and future success of any business depends on it functioning like a well-oiled machine, making the right hire for the COO position is key.  But while many company leaders will focus on the traits they do want to look for in a COO, it’s equally important to know what you don’t want to look for, as certain traits or characteristics that may seem harmless in another position could make a candidate a poor fit for the COO role. To share their insights on the issue, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss eight types of people you might want to steer clear of when hiring your company’s COO and why they likely wouldn’t be the right person for the job.

Nine Traits Of An Ideal Employee (And How To Attract Them To Your Company)

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Amid millions of employees quitting their jobs at record rates, companies are desperately searching for top talent to join their teams. As businesses look to strengthen their workforce, they must also figure out the best ways to attract ideal candidates. While there's no shortage of talent in the workforce today, there are a few ideal traits leaders hope to find in an employee. Below, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council share some of the qualities they look for in their ideal employees and what businesses can do to attract them.

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In a competitive labor market, many companies are striving to put their best foot forward during job candidate interviews. However, some interviewers may stretch the truth a bit or omit certain information to better appeal to potential employees. Instead, it’s important to remember that transparency during job interviews will help companies find the best hire for the position while also maintaining company values. To share more insights, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council detail below how interviewers can be more "real" when talking to candidates and how this will help them find the right hire.

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10up is a full service digital agency that finely crafts websites and tools for content creators, leveraging open platforms like WordPress. 10up has delivered hundreds of digital projects for some of the largest brands in the world using open source platforms; it is one of the original VIP partner agencies, and its projects have earned multiple Webby Awards, and 2 Emmy Award nominations. With more than 160 experts in digital strategy and management, software engineering, user experience and interactive design, cloud infrastructure, and audience and revenue optimization, 10up is big enough to conquer any challenge, and small enough to care. Cross-discipline teams of 6-8 specialists organize around qualified project and product managers, putting customer delivery front and center. Whether your ads are down, your visitor bounce rate is up, or your database server is sideways, 10up is a partner who never says, “We don’t know how to help,” and can always say, “The President would be happy to speak with you.”


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