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Jack Tai

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Love product design and road mapping from start to finish. Former semi-professional poker player.


March 19th, 2021

What The EduTech Industry Can Learn From The Shift To Online Classes

There's a problem with the way online classes have been structured and implemented.

January 20th, 2021

Startup Surge: Pandemic Causes New Businesses To Double

Despite economic uncertainty and a volatile market, the coronavirus pandemic has led to a surge in startups. More businesses are being launched than at any time in the past decade, and existing startups are showing a rapid acceleration. 

December 22nd, 2020

How Does Telecommuting Change Startup Innovation?

Without the physical spaces where collaboration and innovation naturally occur, how will innovation continue?

October 28th, 2020

10 Key Steps That Will Help You Make Less Biased Decisions

We all have biases that affect our decision-making. These biases can sometimes be minor and have minimal impact, but other times they can have an outsized and potentially negative influence on your business and how it’s run.



Today, over 60% of North American college students are unable to graduate on time and student debt has surpassed one trillion dollars. Shocking as it may sound, this is reality. But here at OneClass, our mission is to provide students with timely and relevant educational resources so they can study more efficiently and graduate as planned. Our platform encourages students to develop their own learning cycle by helping them learn, practice and master new material all in one place. We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to help over 2.3 million students to date who have contributed 10 million+ pages of content which include everything from self-created lecture notes to 50-page study guides. We understand that every student learns differently and in order to facilitate a more effective environment for visual learners, we have also produced close to 5,000 video tutorials covering the most highly-requested university subjects. With new developments every day in the field of big data and AI, something that excites us even more are the 100 million+ data points collected to date from our millions of users’ activities throughout our platform, and the ways in which we can utilize this data to better help millions more. Facebook delivered the ultimate social experience to students. OneClass will deliver the ultimate learning experience to students.