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Ibrahim Alkurd

Founder and CEO

New Mine

United Kingdom

Ibrahim founded New Mine while in medical school. He bootstrapped the company and grew it to become a leading provider of a turn-key solution for blockchain mining deployments. New Mine tailors to clients looking to deploy enterprise-level mining operations through the use of sophisticated hardware, infrastructure and software. Ibrahim was named as one of the 100 most innovative talents under 30 in the UK and Ireland by Uprise Europe 2018. In addition to his role at New Mine, he's also one of the founding partners of Lavaliere Capital Management, a digital asset hedge fund run out of Palm Beach, Florida. Lavaliere Capital was named as the top performing fund in its industry in Q4 2019 out of 800+ funds.


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New Mine

New Mine (newmine.io) is an industry-leader in providing a turn-key solution for blockchain mining. We're focused on deploying enterprise-level mining operations. Our success has been covered by multiple media outlets including BBC news, Bloomberg, TNW and TheStreet.


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