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SaaS enthusiast. Built one of the largest app development platforms in the world. BuildFire powers over 10,000 mobile apps in the app store.

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When a member of the C-suite leaves their position, it can have a ripple effect throughout the whole company. Because they’re a key leader of your business, their departure may leave employees wondering whether they were let go or left of their own accord, whether their own jobs will be affected, whether there will be significant changes to the company culture or whether new policies and procedures will be put in place.  While change is often necessary in order for companies to grow, key changes in leadership must be handled thoughtfully to help quell these fears and answer employees’ questions. To do so, consider the following advice from the members of Young Entrepreneur Council. Here, they offer their best tips for how to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any negative impacts after a C-suite exec leaves your company.

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Marketing is an evolving practice, with new channels, trends and platforms emerging seemingly every day. In such an ever-changing industry, marketers themselves must also evolve to keep up with the latest in consumer interests and behaviors and better position their products or services as necessary solutions to customers’ problems. As such, it can be helpful for both new and established marketers to develop a few habits that will help keep their skills and knowledge fresh and their methods effective. If you’re a marketer looking to upskill or improve your daily habits, consider implementing one or more of the following habits recommended by the business leaders of Young Entrepreneur Council and give yourself an edge over others in your career.

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When you’re a business leader, you often work a million miles a minute putting out fires and maintaining the current and future health of your company. With your attention pulled in all different directions, you’re forced to balance major decisions with minor ones, all while trying to find time to complete your usual day-to-day schedule. These daily demands can be a lot to handle, and it’s not uncommon for leaders to feel overwhelmed or burned out from tackling these duties. If you feel like you’re struggling to manage your workload as a leader, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council offer their advice. Here, they discuss the best tips they’d give any leader struggling to keep up with the daily demands of leadership and what has worked for them as leaders of their own companies.

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Of all the considerations an entrepreneur has to make when starting a business—what to name it, how to price the products and more—the legal considerations are perhaps the most important. From determining a business structure, to complying with local labor laws, to ensuring you prepare for and properly file your taxes, forgetting to account for any of these aspects could lead to disastrous legal consequences down the line—ones that may be impossible to recover from. To ensure you don’t make any legal missteps as you begin your entrepreneurial journey, consider the advice of those who have experience dealing with the legalities of starting a business. Here, 10 members of Young Entrepreneur Council outline some of the most important legal considerations to make when starting a business and why handling these tasks should be at the top of your to-do list.

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Getting started in any role can be intimidating, but this can be even more true for those new to marketing. In an industry that’s fast-paced and ever-changing, it’s essential to both keep up with the latest trends as well as understand the tried-and-true basics of the trade.  With extensive experience marketing their own businesses, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council have their own thoughts about how to succeed in marketing. Here, they each share one rule or guiding principle they believe all new marketers should follow right off the bat and how doing so will affect their success in their role.

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BuildFire is changing the game for businesses in how they build, manage, and deploy a mobile apps. Let’s face it, smartphones are not going anywhere, more and more companies are starting to leverage the power of mobile apps. However building an app typically doesn't come without its fair share of risk and a huge price tag. BuildFire solves that challenge by providing an app development platform that significantly reduces the cost and barrier to entry for people looking to build a mobile app. Our platform powers over 10,000 mobile apps with millions of users using our apps every day.


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