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Henry Glucroft


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Henry Glucroft was born in NYC and grew up in both France and the US. His international upbringing has opened his mind, and helped him think across many boundaries. He co-founded "Airdrop", an artist development agency and record label while at Tufts University and developed relationships with artists from Europe to Latin America. After moving to Bushwick, he opened "little skips", a cafe in an emerging artistic Brooklyn neighborhood. Following his first brick and mortar success, he opened "Henry's Wine and Spirit," where he continues to serve the community. While these businesses consume the bulk of Henry's time, it does not stop him from brainstorming new ideas, helping other entrepreneurs with their ventures and constantly sharing forward thinking ideas.


November 13th, 2022

Expanding to a Second Store? 10 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Location

Expanding your business can be exciting and a real show of success. However, there are many factors to consider when deciding on a second location for your brick-and-mortar store. 


Airdrop Inc.

Owner & operator of a retail wine & liquor business as well as a cafe/bar and a wine bar, all located in Brooklyn, NY.


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