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I help business owners and marketers create the content they need to grow their brands, drive traffic, attract leads, and convert those leads into customers. As a member of Young Entrepreneur's Council (YEC) and a columnist for Entrepreneur, I also regularly contribute to publications like Forbes, Fast Co, and Inc. to help current and aspiring entrepreneurs market and run their businesses better. If you bring value to your customers but know your content could be much better—let's talk. I’ll teach you the right things to say, and show you exactly what your prospects need to see before they’ll work with you. Use www.meetwithhan.com to schedule a call. Find out more at www.tailored.ink and www.cryptocopywriters.com.


November 11th, 2020

Three Inspiring Failure-To-Success Stories You May Not Have Heard Before

Whenever we fail at things, we’re told to look to shining examples of superhuman success despite failure.


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Tailored Ink is your one-stop shop for engaging, high-quality content that makes readers take action. We help you build a content strategy and buyer journey for your target customer, then map content to each stage of that journey. From PPC ads to blog posts and email marketing campaigns, we provide the fuel for your digital marketing engine. We've written for publications like The New York Times, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal. And we've worked on campaigns for clients like Google, Salesforce, Uber, Breather, Scholastic, and Harry's.


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