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Hajmil Carr

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CEOs often spin complicated stories about starting and running businesses, but my tale is very simple. To me, having a business has always been about creating community—providing a tightknit group of people with jobs, security, fair wages, friendship and an environment where they can practice being human. So, while I’ve been depicted as a business innovator, picture me instead as a hard-working guy with a passion for people and authentic leadership. In pursuit of this passion, I happen to have started and run successful businesses, most of them involved with bringing products, people and concepts to market. Most recently is Trueline, a marketing, branding and publishing company which I started in 2007. With an international footprint and 40 dedicated employees, Trueline helps people and businesses control their online presence with social media and custom content, websites, newsletters, speeches, custom hiring campaigns, and business strategy. Trueline is based in Portland, Maine, but I grew up Hawaii, having moved there from San Francisco with my parents at age 6, and eventually making my way to Maine for college studies in sociology and religious philosophy. These days, after work hours, you can hunt me down either hanging with my kids (I find myself doing more learning from them than teaching at this point), or headed south to Boston for a night of salsa dancing. You can also find me tasting a new Portland beer with some of my greatest friends, many of them co-workers. Hit me up for speaking engagements and other opportunities. I love sharing my experience with business owners, entrepreneurs and other inquisitive people.


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Trueline, headquarted in Portland, Maine for more than a decade, is a company that has helped thousands of businesses and executives grow their reputations online, through custom feature articles in its award-winning suite of international magazines, social media and by word of mouth. We also specialize in everything from website design and professional writing to personal brand management.


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