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Hi, I’m Greg, Founder @ GROW. We’re a media company and trade show organizer, specializing in eCommerce tech and online retail. Established in 2018, our clients include global tech platforms such as Facebook, Shopify, Google, Oracle and Roku. GROW’s team of 10+ staff help retail brands to scale their revenue, through a series of 1000+ person events, publications and consulting services.

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A business conference is more than just a learning event—it’s an opportunity to build your network, raise your profile and find new opportunities.

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The hiring process can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, so it benefits any company to be able to find a quality candidate sooner rather than later. But hiring quickly means you may be sacrificing many of the steps or processes necessary to find the right match for the role, such as proper vetting and interviewing.  However, by adhering to the following 10 tips recommended by the members of Young Entrepreneur Council, you can weed out the wrong candidates and find the right fit quickly, efficiently and without sacrificing the quality of your hiring process.


As businesses continue to implement AI into their growth campaigns, you might be wondering if it’s time for you to follow suit.

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Every year, new graduates enter the workforce—each entering a different job market than the one before them. Navigating such a large change successfully can be difficult on one’s own, which is why it helps to consider the advice of those who have walked the same path before and who are achieving their goals. Here, 12 members of Young Entrepreneur Council consider their own journeys and offer up their best advice to new grads entering the workforce and looking to launch their own successful careers.


With the class of 2023's graduation just around the corner, it’s a great time to ask yourself, “Should my business hire recent grads?”

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Every entrepreneur enters into business ownership with certain “bad habits” they’ve learned from others or that they’ve formed over time in reaction to certain situations they may have experienced. Whether they know where they came from or not, these habits can often be detrimental to their ability to succeed in entrepreneurship, and so must be “unlearned” in order for them to move forward. Below, nine business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council discuss some of the bad habits they had to unlearn in order to become successful, how they went about doing so and the impact that change has had on their careers.

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We're the fastest-growing community of online retail brands, technology providers, investors and agencies in the world. We started with 15 direct-to-consumer founders sharing advice in a Slack group, run by Greg Ashton (co-founder of online sock brand INSIDE STORY). That private group is now 5500+ members strong, with 30000+ newsletter subscribers. Our in-person events are attended by thousands of high-growth retail brands. And we're changing how conferences look and feel for a new era of attendees. Visit for more information



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