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Gilad Shamri is serial entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of on-demand marketplace for ASL interpreters and the CEO of Growth Artists startup consulting agency based in San Francisco By the time Gilad was 13 he already established two business and at the age of 25 he managed to sell his first company With over 12 years of experience in helping NFX and Y-combinator startups in Silicon Valley to find PMF, now he is writing a book about how to adapt his methodology to any type of business and In his spare time, he lectures at top universities and mentors impact initiatives. Gilad is a member of YEC, Schusterman foundation's ROI community of impact entrepreneur, Harvard square leadership excellence and a lecture at IDC, NMCO and Growth X Academy


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June 28th, 2021

Why Entrepreneurs Should Focus On Killing Their Ideas From Day One

By playing the devil’s advocate and thinking of all the (endless) ways your startup can fail, you are, in essence, learning what not to do, so you can circumvent common hurdles and pave your path to success.

April 22nd, 2021

Nine Solutions For Gathering And Responding To Customer Feedback

With all the channels businesses can use to communicate with their core audience, it's now easier than ever to get feedback from consumers. And whether it’s direct or indirect feedback, many consumers are more than willing to give it. But with so many channels to choose from, how can leaders decide what the most effective ways to stay informed of customer opinions are?


Growth Artists is a growth marketing consulting agency focusing on planning and executing marketing and data-driven growth strategies for companies ranging from tech startups to mature organizations. Specialize in paid and free acquisition, conversion optimization, brand strategy, and finding product-market fit Achievementsūü§Ě User acquisition and growth: ‚óŹ Lowered the cost per lead from $120 to $3.60 by hacking Zillow and Craigslist ‚óŹ Developed a new onboarding process to increase conversion from visitors to signups by 125% ‚óŹ Increased Free to paid conversion rate from 5% to 17% ‚óŹ Reduced cost of acquisition of paying users from $250 to $45 Product and conversion optimization: ‚óŹ Improved user signup conversion 5X by implementing changes in onboarding and messaging ‚óŹ Increased conversion from free to paid users by 2X by executing upsell campaign across multiple channels (email, sms, call, in-app messaging) Brand strategy: ‚óŹ Developed end to end rebranding process sourcing and managing team of designers, UX experts and content writers ‚óŹ Executed rebranding strategy resulting in a significant increase in user trust and brand perception ‚óŹ Established new branding and pricing model to extend LTV of users by 75%


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