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Fritz is a serial entrepreneur based in Chicago. He has learned early on to pivot when his intuition calls for a drastic life change. During his junior year of college, he switched majors from Computer Engineering to Kinesiology Exercise Science. His passion for fitness combined with a newfound platform in Instagram has resulted in opportunities to facilitate social media brand affiliations, fitness modeling and online coaching while still in school. After college, Fritz headed to Silicon Valley to work for a top health and wellness brand and would since become the Chief Marketing Officer. It wouldn't be long until Fritz misses the entrepreneurial grind that will send him back to Chicago & start businesses such as restaurant Simply Thalia, digital marketing & tech ABN Circle, as well as co owning the Iridium clothing brand with stores in the Windy City and Atlanta. These days, Fritz divides his time between the rest of his business ventures, consulting with clients on how to start their own successful companies and imparting his knowledge through daily @fritzlifestyle updates, guest podcasts, speaking engagements and being featured on prominent publications such as Forbes. Another facet of his life is fitness. Fritz competes as a professional Men's Physique athlete in the IPE league. He earned his pro card & took the title of Mr. Illinois 2016. He is a Renaissance man, fashion enthusiast, world traveler, fitness professional, business developer, influencer, investor, motivator, food lover & lifestyle blogger. Connect with him at (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube) @fritzlifestyle and watch his daily blog of my entrepreneur/fitness lifestyle. Watch his documentary series on youtube: CEO/Co-Founder/Co-owner: - ABN Circle ( - Simply Thalia ( - Iridium Clothing Co. ( - Black Alpha Supplements ( - Podcast @thebossfiles


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