Fehzan Ali

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Fehzan Ali

Co-Founder & Chair of the Board

Adscend Media LLC

Austin, Texas Area

Fehzan Ali is the co-founder and Chair of the Board at Adscend. As Chair of the Board, Fehzan is responsible for driving the high level strategic vision of the company. He is an industry thought leader, providing editorial content about ad-based solutions through interviews, articles, and other strategic opportunities. Today, Fehzan is taking some time off to explore various industries and determine where to make his next impact.


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June 24th, 2022

11 Ways To Create An Appealing Hybrid Work Environment

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit and lockdown was in full swing, many businesses were forced to figure out how to run their operations remotely in order to stay afloat. Although business is regaining a sense of normalcy now, many job applicants continue to look for hybrid work environments when seeking potential job opportunities. 

May 31st, 2022

Have to Reject an Internal Candidate? Be Sure to Take These 8 Steps

May 19th, 2022

8 Practices Every Business Should Borrow From 5-Star Companies

Companies with a 5-star rating have earned their stellar reputation by delivering a superior product or service and following best practices for customer service.

May 18th, 2022

Giving Effective Feedback to Employees: How to Get Your Message Across With Empathy

One of your most basic responsibilities as a leader is to provide your team with constructive feedback. Without feedback, employees don’t have a solid direction for moving forward, which can result in repeat mistakes and even low morale.


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