Fehzan Ali

Member Since 2013

Fehzan Ali

Co-Founder & CEO

Adscend Media LLC

Austin, Texas Area

Fehzan is the co-founder of Adscend Media and serves as the Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for driving and implementing the strategic vision of the Company. Since inception, Fehzan has secured business with high revenue publishers and top advertisers through his deep relationships and experience in the sector. He is an industry thought leader, providing editorial content about ad-based solutions through interviews, articles, and other strategic opportunities. Prior to Adscend, Fehzan operated a successful incentivized rewards program online.


  • Innovation & Growth
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Adscend Media LLC

Adscend creates rewards-based ad solutions for apps and websites. We help you earn more, boost retention, and acquire users in 180+ countries. Founded in 2009, we’ve paid out over $50 million to our publishers, while never missing a payment. Our solutions include: Rewarded Ads: Whether they are stuck on a tough level, need an extra life, or just want to obtain premium features, Rewarded Ads gives users easy options to earn in-app or in-site items (e.g. watching a short video, downloading an app, completing a survey). Rewarded Ads have proven to boost retention, earnings, and user experience for apps and websites worldwide. Capable of generating $90 eCPMs, current Rewarded Ad solutions include Offer Wall, Rewarded Video, and Market Research. More info: http://adscendmedia.com/developers. Advertising/User Acquisition: We specialize in high-engagement advertising and user acquisition solutions that deliver strong results for web and mobile brands. Our performance-based solutions deliver nine million acquisitions per year and reach users in over 180 countries. More info: http://adscendmedia.com/advertisers.


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