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Ernest Swierk

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Rainbow Property Maintenance


I came to the United States when I was 16 years old by myself. To pay my everyday living expenses (rent, food) I started working for Bobak’s Sausage, cleaning offices at night, and doing construction work whenever I could trying to get as much experience as possible. All the while, in my mind I had a vision of one day having my own business. In order to achieve my dream, I worked hard, went to Daley College and Moraine Valley College, went to training programs, and was reading business-related books and articles. By the age of 19, I started my own construction business. I was working in remodeling and a lot of it was fire and water cleanup and restoration. Because the number of contracts I had was not sufficient to get me by I was doing small jobs for other contractors and started working as a truck driver to make enough money to reach my goals. While driving I have learned how to manage my work and hire people to do the work for me I had grown it to 5 semi-truck. All the while I was making some extra money and saving it to purchase some properties. I remodeled them for a nice look and was able to sell them for a good profit. Right now we own Real estate properties. We also provide some managerial and consultation for owners who are interested in our One Stop Real estate Services approach. CLEANING – MAINTENANCE – REMODELING- RESTORATION Right now I own a couple of businesses Asset Management and Property Maintenance – (One-stop Service provider for Real Estate owners and Investors,). I mentor/coach kids at OMD and I am on the board of Harper college Entrepreneurship program, Sponsor Together we rise, I also recently acted and am part of creating a movie The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich which is based on the book by Napoleon Hill. Having my own company isn’t always easy. To have a profitable and successfully operating business, requires making smart, tough decisions and sometimes taking a risk. Being a man of action, having the ability to put my knowledge into practice, and choosing the right people to work with are the main qualities contributing to my success. I am a self-taught entrepreneur, investor, student of Life, Life curiosity and desire motivates me to always learn and go ahead. I am fully committed to expanding my business and increasing my knowledge. We have to face our strengths but also our weaknesses. What is great about Growth is that we have the ability to change, improve, and succeed. With the right tools and the right attitude, we can accomplish anything. Rainbow Property maintenance is a Business concentrating on Janitorial services, Post construction cleaning, floor maintenance.


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April 12th, 2021

Using Your Signature Strengths

When we have a set goal that is aligned with our core values, we feel more energized and driven to accomplish them.


Rainbow Property Maintenance

Our company works towards success not only for ourselves but for others as well. As a Building Maintenance and remodeling company, the services we provide have a great impact on the quality of the environment in which people work. It gives us a great deal of satisfaction knowing that we can help them to be more productive and happy. We don’t just look to grow alone, we look to grow with you. The simplest example of our mentality is a ladder. Each step is equally important to reach the highest point. We want to grow with you because the safe and efficient achievement of the goal depends on the stability and strength of all components of the ladder. That is why we are here to be a step in your ladder so that we can all achieve success. Our company is better than it was 6 months end every day we are striving to be better so that in the next 6 months we can look back and see just how much we have all grown together to bring success (in everyday living) to this world. All it takes is a dedicated team. Our company with the help of our clients is trying to make underprivileged children's life a little better, We do that by Donating a Portion of our profits to chosen orphanage and children organizations


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