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An innovative visionary, Ephraim Arnstein comes from a family of engineers and innovators. His grandfather was an engineer for Hughes Aircraft and his father the VP of Infrastructure, Web Hosting Group at Citigroup. Known as the “father” of Kars 4 Kids’ mentorship program, Ephraim successfully built up and executed the nonprofit program. As a perpetual optimist, he believes goodness exists at every corner and just needs discovery. Seeking the greater good and true value is at the heart of his leadership. As Bitbean’s founder and CEO, Ephraim moves companies forward through opportunities to benefit them, their employees, and customers.

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Members of Young Entrepreneur Council explain the first steps a business should take upon discovering a negative review. No one likes to receive bad reviews or negative feedback from customers. Often, business owners may feel they’re personal attacks or a competitor trying to start trouble. Rather than responding with patience and an open mind, some businesses lash out and become defensive. While it may feel justified in the moment, the only thing you're doing is adding fuel to the fire—and potentially making the customer angrier.  If you want to handle a negative review tactfully and efficiently, try one of these strategies recommended by the members of Young Entrepreneur Council.

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Like a well-oiled machine, businesses can only function if all elements of the company are in sync and working toward shared goals. Getting each department, team and employee on the same page, however, requires a certain level of transparency. Yet, so many entrepreneurs miss this vital detail when it comes to managing their business. Implementing greater transparency doesn’t have to be difficult, but it might not always be clear where to start. To offer some advice, eight leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council discuss how they intend to increase transparency in their businesses this year, and include advice for how other entrepreneurs can do the same.


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Members of Young Entrepreneur Council share how to prepare your company for greater integration of artificial intelligence and automation. As modern technology continues to advance, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are playing an increasingly vital role in the workforce. Routine, recurring tasks are being automated in nearly every industry to save time and money. As we rapidly approach the start of the “AI/automation revolution,” businesses may be wondering how they can leverage this technology to their advantage. To help, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council share 14 ways companies can prepare for this upcoming revolution to maximize their future success.

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Bitbean’s position as a leader in software engineering is due in no small part to its unique Shifting Perspectives™ Methodology. Through it, Bitbean leverages its wide range of analytic talents to build powerful custom enterprise software that helps build businesses, providing greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Bitbean has successfully completed projects with iconic companies such as Walmart, CVS, United, CardCash, Eastern Union and more. In 2016 & 2017, the company ranked on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in America. Bitbean has acquired a name for helping businesses grow exponentially because of our trademark Shifting Perspectives® methodology, exceptional teamwork, and Silicon Valley standard of tech excellence. Woven into our corporate DNA is the acumen and innovative thinking of the NYC Jewish business community, driving us to relentlessly raise the bar on what custom software can achieve for all companies who are striving to be industry leaders.


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