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Douglas Hutchings, is a scientist, inventor, and pioneer in the Arkansas solar industry. Doug graduated from ASMSA in 2001, Hendrix College in 2005, and earned his PhD in Microelectronic-Photonics from the University of Arkansas in 2009. He started a company while finishing his dissertation and secured seed funding for the venture days before defending his PhD. As CEO of Picasolar and Chairman at WattGlass, Doug supports interdisciplinary teams to pioneer new techniques for improving the efficiency of solar cells and was named one of the nation’s Top New Inventors by Inventor’s Digest. Doug co-founded Delta Solar in 2017 to lower the cost of commercial and agricultural installations to expand the solar industry in his home state. Douglas is passionate about STEM education and entrepreneurship and was named the first Academy Director for the Arkansas Research Alliance in July of 2019 where he works alongside some of Arkansas’ leading researchers to enhance the state's knowledge based economy.


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Delta Solar

Delta Solar is a leading provider of commercial and agricultural solar installations in Arkansas. As one of very few fully integrated installers, Delta Solar is able to deliver best costs, the fastest install times, and full accountability at each step of the process.


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