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What I love: I love to give more energy back than take. I care about the positive balance of the effects of our living on Earth. That brings me to a mission to help balance the Earth resources consumption, or heal people - mentally or physically. What I am good at: seeing opportunities, strategic thinking, inventive approach, analytical thinking or work with focus made me be of an entrepreneurial mindset. Creating partnerships, uniting beautiful minds or sharing a vision. What I am paid for: helping teams & founders to create meaningful products. Would it be consultancy, ready product, development services, or simple advisory - I am happy to contribute. How I understand the positive impact: The world needs to be a safe environment for differences, providing enough resources for living. Taking care of water, soil, energy, or the health of Earth’s habitats is fundamental. I believe we need to have a sustainable framework for that. Motivation/Drives: Produce the highest value with minimum energy spent. Education: PhD Computer Science, Business/Strategic courses online @GIES College of Business Failure track: 6 x failed with products Success track: 2 service companies, Co-founder & Director of Software Development Association Poland (now uniting 110+ companies), Angel investor and advisor in Nordics. Privately: Family-guy, 2 kids. Follower of positive psychology, emotional intelligence, Montessori education. In love with sauna and music (guitar, piano). Born in USSR, lived in Eastern Germany, Ukraine, Poland, and Estonia.

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DO OK is a technology consultancy and software development company. It delivers value-driven products and services for future leaders of financial innovation, smart resource management, logistics, and IoT. In 2020 DO OK has been ranked 34th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe with 710% growth over the four past years. The company is driven by its mission to help create a sustainable future, which it believes will be facilitated through the informed use of its software. After 10 years’ trading, DO OK’s work for more than 100 clients has already positively affected millions of people. We have offices in Estonia, Poland, and the Netherlands. DO OK's flagship product is DoConnect® - an evidence-driven IoT Cloud platform.



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Software Engineering
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Internet of Things

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51 - 200

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