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Diana Goodwin is Founder & CEO of MarketBox, a B2B SaaS product which enables service-based marketplaces and businesses to grow and scale their businesses. Diana initially founded AquaMobile, an on-demand swim lesson provider which is now the largest of its kind in North America and Australia. The AquaMobile software gave her the opportunity to start and spin out MarketBox. Diana is considered a tech innovator and thought-leader in marketplace businesses, the gig economy and scaling businesses internationally and can regularly be seen speaking at events, sharing her knowledge with both corporate and entrepreneurial audiences. Diana has been profiled in Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, Techvibes and Dragons' Den to name a few. She has won numerous business awards including Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, and the Telus $100,000 Small Business Challenge.

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Seven Ways To Achieve Uninterrupted Focus When You Most Need It

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Slack pings, calendar reminders, text messages or phone calls and those pesky notifications—the work world can often be incredibly distracting. And for the work-from-home crowd, there can sometimes be additional layers of distraction, like a ringing doorbell, family and friends, a load of laundry or the constant urge to clean up the space around you. But whether in the office or at home, work sometimes takes the back burner to these distractions, leaving you unproductive and stressed out about how you’re going to get it all done.  According to the members of Young Entrepreneur Council, the solution is to strive for uninterrupted focus. Being intentional with both your environment and your processes can help set you up for a much more productive day. Here, eight members share their top methods for achieving that uninterrupted focus when you most need it and why these tips work so well.

Have to Give Bad News to Your Team? 9 Tips for Doing It Right

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In business, unfortunately, not every day brings about success. At some point in their careers, business leaders will be tasked with sharing bad news with their team members, and how they do so will have a major impact on their relationship with their staff and the trust they may have built over time. Whether it’s as impactful as layoffs or as simple as a down year, you want to approach your communication strategy thoughtfully. To help, nine business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) weigh in on the following question:

11 Ways To Increase Employee Retention (And Discourage Job Hopping)

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As job hopping becomes more and more common among professionals—Gen Z in particular—many business leaders are looking for ways to increase employee loyalty and retention. While some employees look for higher pay and better benefits, others are just looking for somewhere they feel like they’re making a difference and where their hard work is appreciated and noticed. That being said, there are a number of ways employers can entice their team members to stay, improving not only their individual work lives but the company’s overall culture as well. Here, 11 members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss the advice they would give leaders looking to build loyalty and reduce turnover in their business.

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In today's digital era, where an online presence can make or break a company's success, search engine marketing (SEM) has emerged as a powerful tool to enhance visibility and attract potential customers. From keyword optimization to compelling ad copy and a seamless user experience, understanding the fundamentals of SEM can pave the way for a flourishing online presence and long-term success. Here, Young Entrepreneur Council members explore practical and actionable strategies to help businesses enhance their search engine marketing game.

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Bringing on a business advisor can be a great way to get you or your business out of a rut, both financially and creatively. Not only can they help you rework any failing processes or initiatives, but they can also provide inspiration and insights into what might be the “next big thing” for your growing business. However, like with any new hire you make, you’ll want to be thoughtful about your choice and avoid rushing into a decision based on desperation. To help you find the best fit for you and your business, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council each discuss one factor entrepreneurs should keep in mind before seeking out a business advisor and why.

Small Improvements, Big Impact: 8 Simple Tips to Improve Customer Service

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Even the slightest changes can go a long way in creating a positive customer experience. Customer service is a critical aspect of any business, and it can make or break the company's reputation. Fortunately, providing a positive customer experience doesn't have to be a taxing or expensive undertaking -- even the slightest improvements can make a significant impact. For some simple yet effective strategies to improve your company's customer service, read on for eight tried-and-true tips from a group of successful entrepreneurs.

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MarketBox software is specifically designed to manage the unique challenges of businesses with mobile workforces. Our suite of tools enables you to easily manage workers' schedules and travel zones and empower your customers to easily book online. No more endless back and forth and lost sales. We’ve got you covered.


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