David Boehl



Bruxelles Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, BRU BE


Digital media entrepreneur in the online advertising space. I’m the founder and CEO at GraphicBomb, a consumer lead generation company in the travel and games verticals. I love building high traffic consumer web sites and applications. I studied art and design at the University of Michigan and completed an MBA at the University of Washington. Previously I worked in product management and marketing at Microsoft and Real Networks in Seattle, WA.


GraphicBomb is an online advertising company focused on consumer lead generation in the travel and games verticals. GoLastMinute.com - last minute travel with a focus on flight deals BeachDeals.com - beach hotels, resorts, and vacation rental deals VirtualSlots.net - free to play slots and casino games for fun only (not real money gambling) Please reference one of the consumer brands in any YEC promotional opps.


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