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Dave Nevogt is the co-founder and CMO of, a time tracking solution for remote work. Hubstaff helps virtual teams work more effectively by providing time tracked to specific projects, screenshots, activity levels, in-depth reporting, timesheets, and an easy way to pay contractors. Dave has been founding online companies since 2004 with his first success coming at 23. He was one of the first people to take golf instruction online selling over 120,000 training aids, ebooks, and dvds to date. He's also built a software company that helps online publishers easily create content and then automatically distribute that content to over 20 popular channels. Dave has been included in the Indianapolis 40 under 40 (2011) and the Arizona Republic 35 under 35 (2007). Dave attended Indiana University, and after spending time in Chicago and Phoenix, now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his family of 4.

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17 Creative Ways to Bring Together Company Leaders for Productive Conversation

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17 members of YEC share effective tactics for gathering together leaders in a way that will lead to actual productivity and strategizing. For a business to thrive it needs its leaders to be able to communicate, plan and execute effectively. In order to do this, it’s vital for leaders to gather together — whether in person or virtually — to discuss plans and exchange ideas. For most leaders, these meetings are a chance to have their say in how the business runs. And with companies these days looking at ways to pivot and take advantage of a new business environment, it's not strange to see companies branching out to find more creative ways to bring leaders together. In the past, boardrooms or conference venues were the preferred meeting point for leaders. But as busy executives, it can be challenging to find a time that works for everyone. And even if you can get together, meetings that don’t have a game plan may not always lead to the most productive conversation. Below, 17 members of YEC look at different creative ways business leaders can gather together for effective strategizing and conversation.

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One of the worst things for a budding entrepreneur is to realize that the problem they're solving already has a solution. The business environment has diversified a lot, but the low cost of entry has now made it easy for others to develop similar ideas. In a saturated market, the businesses that stand out and become memorable to their consumers will have the best chance of survival and expansion. These eight leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council examine a few ways that a business can differentiate itself from others in the same competing space and offer advice for companies that want to set themselves apart from the rest of their industry.

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When you first start your business, every member of the “founding team” -- i.e. you and your first employees -- is crucial to its early success. As your business grows and changes, there may come a time when you feel yourself starting to outgrow your original employees. If you want to retain these valuable employees, you must ensure they’re evolving in their roles with your business. Otherwise, it may be time to phase them out and look for fresh talent. To help you navigate this situation, we asked 10 Young Entrepreneur Council members how employers can assess employee growth and ensure they’re evolving in step with the company.

20 Innovative Apps Ideal for Managing a Team Remotely

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These 20 entrepreneurs discuss the best features for remote management of a displaced workforce. Remote working isn't anything new. Many businesses have been leveraging the power of remote workers for years. Industries have replaced onboard hires with freelance workers who operate from anywhere globally, where they can have an uninterrupted internet connection. But with this year’s shift toward an almost entirely displaced workforce, many businesses are struggling to find the best strategies and tools for managing a fully remote team. Industries around the world have grappled with a change in the status quo before. Those businesses that had managers able to adapt to these changes were the ones that survived. With change on this scale, it's impossible to keep holding onto the traditional way of interacting with employees. The office has changed, and managers need to change with it or be replaced by those that do. Typically, upper management develops techniques that they can use in person-to-person interactions. As global offices have moved online, many of those techniques no longer work. As a result, managers are frantically searching for the right technology solutions that can allow them to run a virtual office with the same efficiency as a physical one. To help, 20 members of YEC discuss the innovative software they use to interact and manage their teams and why it's suitable for any company facing the challenges of a displaced workforce.

20 Uniquely Useful Tools for Conducting Market Research

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These 20 entrepreneurs from YEC discuss their favorite market research tools and why you should be using them. Without a proper view of the market, a business has no chance to resonate with the consumers most likely to buy their product. In the past, the best way of interacting with consumers was to simply put out an ad in the most-seen public medium at the time and hope it would land on fertile ground. Thankfully, the approach has changed in modern days, and now we have a lot more tools to offer us in-depth insights into what our ideal customers like and dislike. Using this as a basis, we can adapt our marketing attempts to appeal to those customers. The question now is, how do we obtain that data? Market research tools go hand-in-hand with e-commerce and internet marketing. Visitors to a website provide the best and most accurate picture of the kind of people the website already attracts. Using this data as a baseline, a business can feed it into an analytics engine and get back valuable information about the kind of customers already coming to its site. Based on those results, the business can then adjust its marketing push to reach out to a broader demographic or drill down into converting more of those visitors to buyers. There are many layers that marketing data reveals that can be priceless to a business looking to raise its conversion rates. Today, a business that doesn't depend on market research to guide its advertising and marketing is at a distinct disadvantage to other companies that do. The companies that make the best use of available tools will be more successful in reaching out to their ideal customers. Here, 20 associates of YEC discuss their favorite market research tools and explain how those solutions can help any business achieve its marketing goals.

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Remote working has taken the world by storm, as more and more businesses are looking at hiring workers and having them operate remotely. Aside from the convenience of the workers, the company also benefits from higher productivity and worker morale. However, getting those employees onboarded can be a challenging task. Businesses can't rely on the tried-and-true formulae they've used for years to onboard on-site employees and should instead adapt their techniques to cater for remote hires. To help, we asked 10 successful entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following question:

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Disillusioned with the grind of daily commutes and mindless work, Dave Nevogt started his own business with a remote team. Yet managing this global team became a challenge. He knew there had to be a better way to track hours, pay contractors, send invoices, and manage projects — and that’s how Hubstaff started. Today, our team runs on the Hubstaff platform, so we know what it takes to collaborate effectively with colleagues on the other side of the globe. It’s how we’ve continued to grow since 2012, and how we’ve helped customers do the same.


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