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I started with rolling cigars on my thighs - the easiest job that a 9-year old kid without a LinkedIn profile could get. I then found a more compelling position as a singing telegram artist which I proudly held until I turned 12. 5 years later, I launched a company that created designs for European Music festivals. My early 20’s I spent squatting with a tribe of reindeer herders in the Polar North and exploring Siberia as a travel journalist. After Siberian cold and buckwheat soup, I was off to sunny California, kale salad and early stage investing. I ultimately left to start a branding agency - Wunderdogs - because what I love most in my life, is a good story. At Wunderdogs, we are creating stories and brands that you’ll never forget.

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While there are numerous benefits to remote work—schedule flexibility, lack of commute and a more relaxed workspace, just to name a few—isolation is still one of the downsides to remote work that many employees regularly report. However, these feelings can be mitigated with a few key changes to their routine and the support of their leadership. If you or one of your remote employees starts to feel isolated during the workday, consider the following advice from the members of Young Entrepreneur Council. Here, they discuss solutions that have worked for them and their teams and what they recommend you do to help your own employees feel more connected during the day.

Client Not Happy With Your Work? Nine Steps To Turn The Situation Around

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While a business’s goal is always to please its customers, there will likely be times when a customer will end up dissatisfied with the end result of a particular project or product. The way a business responds to this situation can often determine the future of that client relationship and whether or not they will continue to work with that business moving forward. In order to ensure your client’s happiness with the final result—and save the relationship—consider the following advice. Here, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council each recommend one step you should take to help resolve the issue when a client isn’t happy with you or your team’s work and discuss the impact it will have for the future.

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For many entrepreneurs, their values are what drive the purpose of their business. Whether it’s something as simple as excellent customer service or something more complex like contributing to a particular social cause, these values can set the stage for the company’s mission and goals. But what can you do to ensure they become a part of your business’s overall strategy? To help, seven members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss some of the ways they incorporate their personal values and passions into their business strategies as well as the tips they would give other entrepreneurs trying to align their values with their business.

Keep Your Social Media On Brand With These 11 Strategies

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Social media has become an integral part of modern-day marketing strategies, enabling companies to reach out to their target audiences more efficiently than ever before. With the proliferation of different social media platforms, it's crucial for companies to maintain a consistent brand voice across all channels. This not only helps in establishing a strong brand identity, but it also enables companies to effectively engage and inform their audiences. To share their insights on how to do this, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) experts reacted to the following question:

Eight Critical Rebranding Mistakes You Could Be Making (And What To Do Instead)

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Rebranding is a significant, but sometimes necessary, step in a business's journey; however, if it's not done right, it may backfire. What an entrepreneur thought may have been a great way to update their brand to something more modern and in alignment with their company’s values could end up being a nightmare of confused customers and lost sales.  To prevent this situation from happening, consider the following advice from the members of Young Entrepreneur Council. Here, they each share one critical yet common rebranding mistake businesses tend to make and what their leaders should do instead if they want to come out successful on the other side.

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Few customers actually enjoy being sold to, yet companies still have to be able to sell their products or services in order to survive. The trick comes in finding the balance between pitching your product and fulfilling the needs of your customers. If you find yourself unsure of how to get started, however, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council have a few essential tips. Here, they share their advice for how to balance both the need to sell and the customer's desire not to be sold to when creating marketing content and why doing so will be the key to your business’s success.

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