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I started with rolling cigars on my thighs - the easiest job that a 9-year old kid without a LinkedIn profile could get. I then found a more compelling position as a singing telegram artist which I proudly held until I turned 12. 5 years later, I launched a company that created designs for European Music festivals. My early 20’s I spent squatting with a tribe of reindeer herders in the Polar North and exploring Siberia as a travel journalist. After Siberian cold and buckwheat soup, I was off to sunny California, kale salad and early stage investing. I ultimately left to start a branding agency - Wunderdogs - because what I love most in my life, is a good story. At Wunderdogs, we are creating stories and brands that you’ll never forget.


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July 18th, 2022

11 Perks You Should Offer Hybrid and Remote Employees

Hybrid and remote work models have quickly become the new normal for many companies. While working remotely offers many benefits to employees, many of the perks that used to keep staff productive and happy in an office setting are no longer relevant when employees are working from home.

June 22nd, 2022


Members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss how to build a company culture that can successfully handle any issue, mistake or challenge that arises.

June 15th, 2022

Eight Tips To Get Inactive Customers Excited About Your Business Again

Without customer loyalty, a business can struggle to succeed. While your business may have a few standout customers who have become brand ambassadors for your product or service, the unengaged or inactive customers are often the ones you need feedback from the most. These customers can provide candid and honest feedback as to why they aren't more engaged with your business.

May 25th, 2022

Leaders: How To Respond When You Don't Have All The Answers

It can be easy to assume that a sign of being a great leader is having all the answers; however, often the opposite is true. No leader knows everything, but great leaders are always willing to learn and grow in their knowledge, and often have ways of finding the answers they need. 



Wunderdogs is a brand consultancy and accomplice to high-growth companies who want to shake up their industry. We specialize in fast and focused research, strategy, graphic and web design and development.


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