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Before an entrepreneur, I’m a family man, husband, and father to two boys. After that, I’m all about startups and business. I’m a former professional motorcycle athlete turned serial entrepreneur. For over a decade, I’ve been obsessed with starting, building, and investing in venture-backed technology companies that move the workforce forward. From the beginning of my career, I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I love taking ideas and turning them into enduring companies. In my current position as the CEO of FlexTal, I’m building the #1 flexible talent matching platform where we match organizations small and large with elite independent contractors for flexible hourly and project-based engagements on demand.


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FlexTal.com - The #1 flexible talent matching platform

FlexTal is the #1 flexible talent matching platform leading the future of work. Every day, we match organizations small and large with elite independent contractors for flexible hourly and project-based engagements on-demand. The future of work is here, and most organizations aren’t equipped to handle the speed of change that is happening within the workforce. Access to vetted, independent contract talent is the key to agility in today’s business landscape, yet many don’t have the resources to find, vet, and hire the talent they need. We’re on a mission to fix this by making world-class talent more accessible and affordable for organizations everywhere. Organizations with access to our contract talent network have 3-4x more operating leverage than those without. By democratizing access to our network of contractors, we can help shape the future of work while also increasing the pace of human evolution. As the way we work continues to evolve alongside digital transformation and automation, more professionals are choosing to enter the contract workforce. With the number of independent workers growing at an unprecedented rate, the question is: Whom will they work for? What tools will multiply their efficiency? Our platform gives organizations and independent professionals the ability to achieve work faster and easier than ever before. Through FlexTal, millions of people are discovering a better way to work that enhances productivity, efficiency, and quality of life. And…we’re just getting started.


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