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Daniel Reilly

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Serving as the Executive Vice President of Sales at B2X Global, Dan leads a customer-centric team. As B2X’s Co-founder, his company builds other businesses with expertise, creativity, and efficiency. Because he’s passionate about helping Solutions Providers, Service Providers, and IT Departments, Dan works diligently to deliver the best end-user outcomes – and always go that extra mile. Dan understands that his team’s happiness is key to his clients’ success, which turns into B2X’s success. Creating a positive work environment is a core focus – and source of pride – for him. Over the last 12+ years, Dan has partnered with 100s of IT professionals to grow and diversify their businesses. Beyond nurturing growth, Dan helps his clients reduce their dependence on traditional vendor channels and develop new profit centers. Dan’s career began at KPMG, an international professional services firm, as part of their Assurance Services group. Graduating from USC Marshall School of Business in 2005, he added an MBA to his Bachelor’s in Business and Accounting. Thanks to a strong commitment to learning, Dan conquers 30+ books per year, and due to a desire to feel great, he belongs to a local CrossFit gym. Living in Irvine with his wife and two children, Dan enjoys a busy family, social and adventure schedule. He aims to take full advantage of all that his local Southern California’s landscape and community has to offer while always growing as an individual.


August 26th, 2021

Eight 'Brain Hacks' For Overcoming Fearful Moments As A Business Leader

As a leader with a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, you'll likely experience many moments that cause you anxiety or fear. Whether you're battling imposter syndrome or simply taking on too much work, it's easy to feel like you're just treading water.

August 19th, 2021

10 Remote Employee Onboarding Tips to Help New Hires Succeed

No matter if your company has been remote since the start or if you’re new to the remote working environment, you can always learn new remote employee onboarding tips to improve your virtual onboarding process.

July 8th, 2021

Eight Ways Leaders Can Encourage Employees To Share More Ideas

It’s important for leaders to know that, when it comes to teams, just because the weekly team meetings are quiet or the suggestion box hasn’t seen a valid recommendation or criticism in a while, doesn’t mean no one has anything to say. In fact, more often than not, employees have thoughts, suggestions and criticisms to offer, but they don’t share because they’re not sure how their leaders will respond if they do.

July 6th, 2021

Nine Tips To Master Cold-Calling (Even When You’re Nervous)

For many professionals, cold-calling is a tall hurdle. They dread having to make the calls, worried they'll be rejected or forget what they need to say. They know the person on the other end isn't fond of receiving these types of calls, and yet they still must pick up the phone and dial the next number on their list because they know cold-calling has the power to get more sales.


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