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Gaul is co-founder and CTO of Designtechnica, a media company which owns Digital Trends, the largest independently owned technology news and reviews site with more than 35 million unique monthly viewers, Digital Trends en Español, and The Manual, an online mens lifestyle magazine covering fashion, travel, food and drinks. Gaul is responsible for IT, Engineering, Project Management, SEO, and Ecommerce. Specialties: Coaching, Mentoring, strat planning, media, online publishing, SEO.


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August 16th, 2021

10 Clear Signs You Might Not Be Cut Out For Entrepreneurship

Every aspiring entrepreneur starts out with a great idea. Some people turn this idea into a side hustle and sell a small amount of their product or service, while others succeed at expanding their businesses quickly and widely. However, many quickly discover that running and growing a business is hard work and may struggle to sustain their fledgling startup.


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