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My name is Daisy Jing. I'm a young entrepreneur who founded and bootstrapped a beauty product line, called Banish. My business started from just my laptop. I had bad acne and did everything to clear it up. I used YouTube as an outlet in my frustration. I’ve tried hundreds of different beauty products then I review them and share with my followers who are also suffering with the same problem as mine. I developed a following of over 50M views in YouTube and became a trusted source of information in the realm of skin problems. Eventually, I was able to make my own skin care products focused on combating skin blemishes My followers noticed it and they got interested to buy my self-made products. Soon, they encouraged me to launch my own business and now me and my team are in a mission to inspire women and banish inferiority through our products.


August 2nd, 2021

10 Tips To Make Weekly Meetings Useful For Your Whole Team

Weekly standups and regular reports are great ways for leaders to check in with their teams. These are times to briefly share updates and ask about any concerns or questions the team may have before the day or week begins.

August 2nd, 2021

13 Tips to Getting Your Voice Heard in a Group Setting

Learning how to speak up in a group and make your voice heard is an essential professional skill.

July 30th, 2021

15 Smart Social Media Strategies to Handle a PR Crisis

A public relations crisis is a common incident many companies face at some point. The lasting impact of the incident is not so much about the crisis itself, but the way it’s handled.

July 27th, 2021

Eight Ways Employees Can Solve Miscommunications With Their Managers

Communication breakdowns can occur at any time and in any work environment, but can seem especially prevalent in remote work situations. While remote work has its own unique benefits, it also means employees and managers are relying more on written, phone or video communication and less on the in-person communication and body language cues that can be so helpful for clarity.