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Cooper Harris is a California-based entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Klickly, a data-driven impulse-payments platform that powers headless commerce.  Emerging as a pivotal figure in the west coast tech scene, Cooper has been nominated for Google's "Young Innovator" award, L'Oreal's "Digital Woman of the Year," won InformationAge’s Women in I.T. "Entrepreneur of the Year" and named by Adobe as a "Top Thought-Leader" at Cannes. Cooper is a favorite speaker at international summits including CES, Cannes Lions, Shoptalk, SXSW, Sundance, Los Angeles TechWeek, London Tech Conference, and more, speaking on advances in eComm / Retail Tech / FinTech, fostering women in STEM, and disrupting the status quo using technology/innovation.

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Though they are often set with the best of intentions, it’s not uncommon for New Year’s resolutions and the motivation to meet them to fall by the wayside after a few weeks or months into the new year. Busy personal lives and stressful workdays can end up getting in the way, with “just getting by” taking precedence over any push to accomplish more than the status quo. But according to the members of Young Entrepreneur Council, your year doesn’t have to go that way. Below, they each offer their top trick for making New Year's resolutions work, especially as they relate to business, and explain why it’s possible to achieve your goals with the right plan in place.

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During difficult economic times, “layoffs” are often one of the first fears that enter professionals’ minds. Whether it’s a sudden economic downturn or a looming recession, many business leaders resort to laying off staff in a desperate attempt to keep their companies afloat. Even successful tech companies and large financial corporations sometimes exercise this type of cost-cutting measure. However, layoffs don’t have to be the only solution. Below, eight members of Young Entrepreneur Council each discuss one thing companies can do to avoid laying off staff when times are tough and why it may be a better solution for the future.

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Data can tell a business owner a lot about the decisions they should be making or the paths they should be following if they want to grow their business. However, with so many metrics to keep track of and so many variables at play at all times, understanding exactly what data to collect and what to do with it can be confusing, especially for new or inexperienced entrepreneurs.  Fortunately, the new year is the perfect time to reprioritize your efforts and map out new strategies for your data use in the coming months. To help, seven members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss specific ways companies can use data to make smarter decisions and drive business in the new year—and how these efforts have helped their businesses too.

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Employers look for a variety of qualities and traits in job candidates. While you’ll always want to highlight the hard skills that are relevant to the position you’re applying for, there are also soft skills that could help you land a job, even if you’re a little less qualified than the other candidates. Because it’s so important to develop these skills to impress potential employers, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council offer their insights on the soft skills they think are key to succeeding in any career and why you should develop them if you want to get hired.

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As employees climb the corporate ladder, some may feel their natural next step is a managerial position. However, managerial roles aren't suited for everyone. If an employee asks you if you think they’d do well as a manager, it's important to be transparent and honest with the employee about whether their skills are up to par. If you find yourself in this situation, here are 10 essential things you should tell an aspiring manager they’ll need to succeed. Below, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council explain why these qualities and skills are so integral to a leader's job.

11 Daily Habits That Will Set You Up For Success (Even If You're Busy)

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No matter how good you are at your job, you’ll still have stressful days. However, it’s how you handle the stress that can make a positive or negative impact on your mindset and abilities.  For professionals who have their well-being in mind, maintaining daily habits can be beneficial to their success. Below, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members share the daily practices they adhere to in order to set their day up for success. They explain why these habits are worth sticking to no matter how busy or stressed you are and how they can motivate you to keep going, even when work gets tough.

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The smart, impulse-payments solution for in-advertising experiences. Top publishers, agencies, brands, and influencers use Klickly's proprietary technology to hyper-charge and commerce-enable their marketing messages.


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