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Boomn is a leader in eCommerce, building and growing direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce companies through acquisition and strategic partnerships. Co-Founder & CEO of Boomn Founder of Vibes On Point DTC Brand Builder. Music Management.

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The 5-Step System for Building Highly Productive Remote Teams


Remote teams operate on well-defined systems and processes to work smarter instead of working harder.

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Most entrepreneurs set daily goals for themselves in order to move their businesses forward. Yet setting those goals and meeting them are two completely different things. Loss of motivation, fatigue, listlessness and a general lack of energy are common barriers to accomplishing goals, but they are also challenging to overcome without the right strategies. Pushing past fatigue and lack of motivation takes a unique investment in yourself in order to see your tasks through to the end. To offer some guidance, nine associates of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss their strategies for accomplishing their daily tasks even when they don’t feel motivated to do so.

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Product packaging is often overlooked as something unimportant. However, like an extension of the product itself, it can attract customers as well as build the brand's reputation. But the look of the product packaging is only the start. The packaging should not only appeal to the customer, but also to any potential retailers. Below, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council examine the key elements that businesses should look at when developing packaging for a product and explain why these factors can help the product be more attractive.

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Return on investment is one of the most critical metrics any company can track. Knowing the ROI of each company function makes it easier to make key business decisions. Measuring the return on customer service investments can be especially helpful in improving your service and experience. However, it's not always clear how to distill those numbers in actionable ways. Below, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members discusses the most effective ways to make customer service ROI figures more measurable and impactful for a business.


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Members of Young Entrepreneur Council share the most important lessons they've learned about leading from afar. The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the world’s foundations in all aspects. Countless companies have had to change their business models and switch to remote work to keep their employees safe. But after more than a year of this virtual work environment, leaders have learned valuable lessons on how to lead—and how not to lead—when their teams aren't all in one location. The members of Young Entrepreneur Council know the challenges of pivoting their leadership style in the current climate. Below, 13 of them shared the lessons that have taught them how to be better leaders in this new remote work era.


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Members of Young Entrepreneur Council share some important insights every entry-level tech candidate should know before joining the field. You’ve completed your education and training, you’ve done research on the job market and you’re ready to start applying for positions in the tech industry. But before you do, it's important to know how the industry operates. Like every industry, the technology sector is unique, but it's also evolving and advancing quickly, which means hopeful candidates will constantly need to evolve their skills in tandem. Keeping these facts in mind will allow you to not only find the best-fit position for you, but also map out how your career may look in the future. Below, 13 members of Young Entrepreneur Council share a few other insights job candidates will need to keep in mind if they want to enter and succeed in the tech space.

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Boomn is a leader in eCommerce, building and growing direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce companies through acquisition and strategic partnerships.


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