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Cody Candee is the founder of Bounce, a platform for luggage storage in local shops & hotels that operates in more than 150 cities globally. Prior to that, Cody was a product manager for Intuit where he built a global payment platform for small businesses to transact online around the world.


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July 30th, 2021

15 Smart Social Media Strategies to Handle a PR Crisis

A public relations crisis is a common incident many companies face at some point. The lasting impact of the incident is not so much about the crisis itself, but the way it’s handled.

July 19th, 2021

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July 15th, 2021

Nine Lessons These Entrepreneurs Wish They Knew Before Writing Their First Business Plans

So, you have a great business idea and a basic foundation of your vision. Your next step, before pitching to investors or even thinking about launch day, is to write a solid business plan.

July 13th, 2021

Eight Ways To Calmly Handle Company Crises

A normal part of running a business is having ideas fail. However, sometimes these circumstances lead to crises within the business. When this happens, employees look to business leaders for guidance on how to respond.



Bounce is a platform for luggage storage in local shops and hotels that operates in more than 150 cities worldwide. Bounce launched in February 2019 on Product Hunt winning #1 product of the day and within a year expanded all across the US & Canada, followed by Europe.


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