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I have a deep God given desire to help people succeed. This includes helping top doctors across the United States succeed in growing their practice, mentoring top college students at prominent universities such as UCLA and USC, and to even include the ongoing support of some of the poorest people in the world. After graduating with my bachelor of science in entrepreneurship from Missouri State University, I moved to Los Angeles to help with a campus ministry at UCLA. While working with that group, I traveled the country sharing the vision and challenging churches to not only invest financially in campus ministry, but to also be more intentional about sharing their faith. I eventually put my college degree to work and started a digital marketing agency which now boasts a national client base. One of the motivations behind this was to develop additional revenue streams to finance causes I was passionate about. I specifically chose the chiropractic niche because both of my parents and my uncle are chiropractors and I've experienced the detriments of not marketing your practice properly as a youth. Additionally, we just got a trademark for my automation brand LeadFlows is an all in one solution that consolidates the software systems such as landing pages, email automation, and two way texting into a single platform. I hold certifications as a John C. Maxwell speaker, trainer, and coach. I have taken 27 humanitarian mission trips to Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. I'm fighting poverty first hand in the small village of Fond Doux, Haiti where I've encouraged countless people spiritually, provided economic development to the region, invested in educational scholarships, feeding programs, and so much more. Alongside managing marketing campaigns for doctors, I am available for consulting and speaking engagements.

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We help chiropractors around the nation succeed by growing their practice to capacity. Both my parents and my uncle are chiropractors, giving me unique insight into the industry and top strategies to grow a doctors office.


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