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With a passion for growth, innovation and human insight –I've built my career helping a wide range of recognized brands re-energize their businesses all around the world, including United Airlines, Islands of the Bahamas, HP, the International Olympic Committee, Capella University, American Girl and Aflac among others. Prior to founding PB&, I was the Chief Strategy & Media Officer at Publicis Seattle - driving the agency’s overall strategy and growth plan, resulting in double-digit growth, a new media offering and a ‘story incubator’ for start-ups. Prior to Publicis, I was a Partner at Cole & Weber United and spent the majority of my career at Fallon in both Minneapolis & New York, where I learned the importance of culture, curiosity, compassion, and creativity. Today PB& is a strategically driven SWAT team that uses creativity to solve problems, unlock business potential and add value to people’s lives. I've been fortunate to have my work honored by Communications Arts, the OneShow and Cannes and have been featured in the books Juicing the Orange, Brand Apart and ‘Your Ad Here.’ Within our first year, PB& was named Small Agency of the Year/Northwest by AdAge.

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Finding the perfect candidate to fill an open position is about so much more than choosing someone with the necessary skills and experience. While it's important to hire someone with the technical knowledge and expertise to get the job done well, it's equally as important to find someone who will fit into your company culture or be a positive influence on others.  When you're assessing candidates for a position, you can look for certain traits in addition to their level of experience that will help you make the right hire. Here, eight members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss the top traits they have to see in a candidate before deciding to bring them on.

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The most successful brands usually maintain a high level of customer engagement. When customers are engaged with a brand, they're more likely to continue to buy from that brand and recommend that others do too. With the increasing use of social media among businesses, companies now have the ability to engage with customers with the click of a button. However, they need to know how to do this in the most effective way. From being incredibly transparent to using conversational marketing, here are nine effective strategies for keeping brand engagement high, as recommended by Young Entrepreneur Council members.

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Finding a core audience to market to is a crucial part of making a business profitable. Many marketing departments spend thousands of dollars building a picture of their ideal customer to inform how and where they should market. Once they do that, it's just a matter of unifying their content and media planning to target their product's most viable buyers. But how exactly should they go about this? What’s the best way to unify these two plans? To offer some guidance, eight professionals from Young Entrepreneur Council examine some of the strategies they recommend for combining content and media planning to target a specific market and explain why they’re so effective.


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Members of Young Entrepreneur Council share some foolproof ways to break down a complicated concept for your target market. You come up with a great idea. On paper, it makes perfect sense. You and your team talk about it together all day long, but when you go to explain the idea to your target audience, the idea just doesn’t translate well and you lose them. It can be frustrating to not have the skills or words to properly articulate your concept, but effective communication is a core skill for any entrepreneur. That’s why the members of Young Entrepreneur Council shared some simple ways you can successfully explain challenging concepts to their audience. Try these strategies to help you get your idea across, no matter who you’re talking to.

11 Tips for Hiring a Part-Time Employee to Help With Your Business’s Finances

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Small businesses, like any business, have finances that need to be kept in order. Owners can deal with these duties to a point; however, small businesses tend to grow, and hiring an employee dedicated to keeping the company's finances in check is often a necessary next step. Luckily, many small business owners can hire someone on a part-time basis. This route carries a lot less overhead in terms of time and money compared to hiring a full-time employee, but it also comes with its own challenges. That’s why we asked 11 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following:

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If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that the workforce can be adaptable and deal with many challenges as they arise. From pivoting into remote work to changing their priorities from real life to the digital realm, employees have had to evolve their practices to remain competitive. While everyone is looking forward to what a new year will bring, there will still be a lot of change to witness in the workforce. This year's struggles have started a ball rolling, and the coming year will see it pick up momentum. Here, nine leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council suggest a few ways that the workforce will adapt to this new year and why they expect these changes to occur.

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PB& is a strategically driven SWAT team that uses creativity to solve problems and unlock potential. We've been named Ad Age Small Agency of the Year/NW. Our work has been named Best Branded Content of the Year twice. We've been a finalist for the Tribeca X award. Most of all, we're a team of curious people who love to tackle tough challenges.


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