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Brian Pallas is the CEO and Founder of Opportunity Network, a business matching platform valued at $165M where selected CEOs and private investors grow their businesses worldwide. The Italian entrepreneur worked at the Boston Consulting Group and earned an MBA from Columbia Business School. He has been a speaker in the World Economic Forum, and a judge of the best 30 Under 30 by Forbes.

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Creating a new business idea is exciting, and it can be even more thrilling when you have a business partner by your side. However, for a partnership to flourish, it’s important to discuss the day-to-day operations and long-term vision for the business right from the start. From taking the time to set collective goals to establishing trust, 11 Young Entrepreneur Council members share the first steps new business partners should take when launching a venture. Follow their advice to set yourself up for success when starting a business partnership.

Want to Retain More Employees? 8 Tips for Becoming a Better Manager

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If bad managers are a top reason why people quit their jobs, you should strive to be a leader who makes people want to stay. Managers can make or break a company. A good manager can drive a team forward, keeping them motivated and interested in working toward company goals. A bad manager, however, can drive great employees out the door with a complete lack of inspiration and guidance. To help businesses avoid creating the kind of leadership team and culture that make people want to quit, a group of successful entrepreneurs shared what they believe it takes to be a good manager. Follow their recommendations to become the type of manager no employee wants to leave.

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A company's mission serves as the foundation for everything it does. While the specific goals of the business may change over time, your original mission, vision and values should remain intact until you and your team consciously decide to change them. If you find your business moving away from its original mission unintentionally, it may be time to figure out the next steps. To help, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council share some recommended first steps you should take when you sense your company moving away from its original mission, vision and values. Follow their advice to reassess where you stand and decide whether it's best to return to your core mission or make a conscious pivot.

12 Simple Ways Leaders Can Boost Positivity In The Workplace

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A negative mindset can be poisonous in the workplace. It can lower morale, decrease productivity and spread to other members of the team, leading to toxic work culture. As a leader, it's critical to have a positive mindset to effectively work through difficult situations and keep your team on the same page. Below, 12 members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss how to exude more positivity at work and why these practices are especially crucial for those in leadership positions.

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In the current hiring market, competition is fierce. With so many options available to job seekers, companies must attempt to out-compete others in their industry in order to attract and hire talent, and this has led to many companies struggling to fill roles—and wondering what they can do to make the top of candidates’ lists. In today’s market especially, attracting applicants must be approached differently than in the past, and it’s likely some companies are making a few mistakes along the way. To help, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members discuss a few of the mistakes they’re seeing companies make when it comes to competing for talent and explain what leaders should be doing to fix them.

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Sales challenges are unavoidable in any business, regardless of industry. From curating an effective sales process to pinpointing your ideal customer, solving these sales challenges is crucial during the early stages of your company. As business leaders themselves, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council have faced their fair share of sales obstacles when starting their companies. Below, nine members discuss challenges new businesses often face in selling their product or service and how they can work  to overcome those difficulties.

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Opportunity Network is a business matchmaking platform that enables CEOs and private investors to share and connect to business opportunities worldwide.



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