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Mr. Meyer is currently the President of Golden Franchise Consulting, an award-winning firm that helps professionals explore business ownership opportunities. Mr. Meyer has held the position since 2018. His contributions to the franchise community have garnered recognition in Forbes, The Franchise Journal, Business Talk Library, and The Franchise Dictionary. After a 15 year stint in Chicago, IL, Mr. Meyer relocated to Charlotte, NC, in 2019, with his wife and two boys. Mr. Meyer is a proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame, an avid sports enthusiast and a recovering sneakerhead.


April 4th, 2022

Introverted? Here Are 13 Ways to Make Your Personal Brand Shine

A large part of the personal branding process relies on speaking with others, presenting new ideas to digital and in-person audiences, and establishing connections. To a self-described introvert, these tasks can seem like big hurdles on the way to success. But there are ways for introverts to get their names out there and create strong relationships within their network.

January 20th, 2022

The Tasks Every Entrepreneur Should Automate If They Want To Scale Their Business

In recent years, automation has become a common tech solution for many aspects of business operations, from marketing to data analytics and reporting. Automating monotonous and repetitive tasks gives you and your team that chance to focus on other duties in need of your undivided attention. Business automation is also a tool you can leverage to scale your company and promote growth.


Golden Franchise Consulting

📁WHAT WE DO: GFC helps professionals explore business ownership opportunities in their home market. 📁HOW WE DO IT: Our journey begins by capturing your professional background, personality type, motivational drivers, goals and desired lifestyle. We will then use a systematic, tried-and-tested, matching process to identify the franchise brands that best fit your criteria and home market. As you explore these franchise brands, we will remain in your corner, guiding you through all the steps of the vetting process. We will loop in our network of franchise lenders, attorneys, and CPAs, along the way. 📁WHY IT WORKS: There are three fundamental reasons why franchisees fail. They chose a franchisor that does not support their franchisees, they chose a brand that is wrong for their local market, or they chose a brand that does not align with their individual skillset and criteria. All of these pitfalls are very real and can be very detrimental to a budding entrepreneur. Our franchise discovery process is specifically designed to mitigate these risks. More specifically, there are over 4,000 franchise concepts available in the United States; some are great, many are not, and the differences are not made easily available to the public. Our team of industry experts have spent 1,000s of hours pre-screening franchises, ensuring that you steer clear of the industry’s notable underbelly. In other words, the hardest and most time-consuming part of your franchise search is already done for you. As we work through the process together, this frees you up to devote all your attention to finding the right “fit” for you and your home market. 📁SERVICES WE PROVIDE: ✔Business Profile Creation ✔Propriety Access to 100s of Leading Franchises ✔Franchise Matching Service ✔Franchise Discovery Process Coaching ✔Franchise Lending ✔FDD & Franchise Agreement Legal Review


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