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Blair Thomas has been around the world and back. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Blair studied Political Science at Oregon State University. He's passionate about the outdoors and loves spending as much time with his dog Cooper as possible. His drive for entrepreneurship has given him keys to the world and he's at full force driving his company eMerchantBroker which made the Inc 500 list as one of the fastest growing companies in 2016.

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15 Ways Service-Based Businesses Can Stand Out and Thrive in the New Year

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As the year draws to a close, small service-based businesses face the challenge of not only reflecting on their past performance but also positioning themselves for success in the upcoming year. But how can these businesses stand out in the crowd to truly distinguish themselves and set a solid foundation for the year ahead? Here, 15 Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) members answered the following question to help small businesses rise above the competition and pave the way for a bright 2024.

10 Hurdles Companies Are Facing When Implementing AI (And How To Overcome Them)

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New artificial intelligence tools seem to crop up every day—and many businesses are implementing them just as quickly. However, while these tools are meant to make businesses more efficient, that doesn’t mean they don’t also come with their own challenges, especially when it comes to implementing them in the first place. From simply not understanding the technology to gaining customer acceptance and trust, there are numerous struggles leaders are facing while attempting to adopt artificial intelligence into their processes. Here, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss 10 of those hurdles and what they think business leaders can do to overcome them.

CEOs: Better Support Your HR Teams With These 10 Strategies

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A cornerstone of any thriving business’s operations, a company’s human resources department plays a key role in the success of its people. And yet, it can be easy for CEOs to think of their HR departments like their own self-sustaining departments, recruiting and hiring employees without much need for additional assistance. However, just like any other department, HR can experience their own challenges and require the full support of the leadership team (and the company as a whole) if they are to function well. So what can CEOs do to provide that support? Below, the business leaders of Young Entrepreneur Council share their thoughts and outline 10 different ways company leaders can better support their HR teams and why it's so important to the overall health of a business.

10 Ways Employers Can Help Their Teams Feel Less Lonely At Work

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In his 2023 report, the U.S. Surgeon General reported that millions of Americans are lonely, not just at home, but also at work—and this continues to be an ongoing issue. While this trend began before the pandemic isolated millions of individuals from their families and friends, these feelings of loneliness have only increased since. As one’s work makes up a significant part of a person’s life, finding ways to seek connection with co-workers and build a sense of belonging and camaraderie is key to addressing this ongoing problem. So how can employers help? Here to share their insights, 10 business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council weigh in on what employers can do to ensure their teams feel connected and supported at work, and discuss why doing so is so important for everyone’s well-being.

16 Productivity and Time Management Apps Entrepreneurs Can't Live Without

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When you’re an entrepreneur, time management and productivity are key to lasting success. However, finding the time to get everything done can seem overwhelming, especially with the packed to-do lists that come with running a business. Fortunately, in today's technology-forward landscape, many apps are available to help busy entrepreneurs make the most of their (limited) time. Below, Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) leaders share their answers to the following question:

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As leaders of their respective companies, CEOs are naturally very busy, so often it can make sense to outsource tasks to a virtual assistant, or VA. From simple yet time-consuming tasks like scheduling meetings and managing emails to more involved tasks such as research and report preparation, VAs can help CEOs gain back a significant amount of time during their workday, allowing them to turn their focus back to vital decision-making and operational tasks. But not every task a CEO may have on their to-do list each day can be assigned to someone else, so what are the tasks best suited for a virtual assistant? Here, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council weigh in with 10 tasks they recommend CEOs outsource to VAs and why doing so will save them so much time.

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EMB is the Nations #1 High Risk Merchant Account Provider. Located in Los Angeles, CA we provide quick and easy payment solutions for merchants of all sizes. We work with traditional business types as well as high risk merchants that have more difficulty getting approved.


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