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As President and CEO, Ben is responsible for Blue Corona’s vision, strategy, culture, and leadership team. Ben leads from the trenches. Working alongside and in support of the team, Ben has transformed Blue Corona from a bootstrapped startup into a seven-time Inc. 5000 company with 75+ employees, industry-leading reviews—from clients and employees, and 11 consecutive years of top and bottom-line growth. Ben is an action-oriented, dynamic, and passionate leader and team builder. From Blue Corona’s inception, Ben defined a set of core values and made it his mission to surround himself with other passionate, growth-seeking people who share the same mindset and values and with whom he enjoyed being around. Today, all of the hiring at Blue Corona is conducted with this same philosophy and values in mind, resulting in cohesive, high-performing teams, all working together toward the goal of becoming a world-class company. Over time, Blue Corona’s culture and values have become defining factors in the ongoing success of the company. Ben is a subject matter expert and top-rated conference and workshop speaker. Ben has a BS in Communications and Marketing from Ohio University. Ben lives in Rockville, Maryland with his wife of 15 years, Becky, and son Jack (age 11), and daughter Kelly (age 8).


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Blue Corona

Blue Corona is a 9-time Inc. 5000 digital marketing and technology company that helps businesses accelerate growth and scale by delivering measurable marketing solutions that increase sales, reduce costs, and differentiate brands online.


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