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Baruch Labunski

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Toronto, ON, Canada

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Digital Marketing
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He is considered to be one of most talented and promising SEO & branding professionals. His guidance has produced high impact results for many clients by leveraging resources available to them. Baruch has a strong understanding of the branding market influencers and business goals and has led multi-disciplinary teams to drive initiatives

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16 Productivity and Time Management Apps Entrepreneurs Can't Live Without

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When you’re an entrepreneur, time management and productivity are key to lasting success. However, finding the time to get everything done can seem overwhelming, especially with the packed to-do lists that come with running a business. Fortunately, in today's technology-forward landscape, many apps are available to help busy entrepreneurs make the most of their (limited) time. Below, Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) leaders share their answers to the following question:

12 Strategies For Hiring Employees Invested In The Long Run

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The modern work landscape is dotted with transient employees hopping from job to job, making the recruitment and onboarding journey a costly affair for employers. With the rise of the gig economy and the allure of diverse experiences, retaining talent has become an uphill task. Yet, within this trend, there are candidates seeking stability and a lasting professional journey—you just have to find them.  Here, 12 Young Entrepreneur Council members explore the strategies businesses can leverage to ensure they're selecting candidates eager to establish long-lasting professional roots.

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In today's digital era, where an online presence can make or break a company's success, search engine marketing (SEM) has emerged as a powerful tool to enhance visibility and attract potential customers. From keyword optimization to compelling ad copy and a seamless user experience, understanding the fundamentals of SEM can pave the way for a flourishing online presence and long-term success. Here, Young Entrepreneur Council members explore practical and actionable strategies to help businesses enhance their search engine marketing game.

13 Must-Read Business Books for Entrepreneurs

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Knowledge is the key to success. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, as the wisdom shared in books can prove to be invaluable for both the budding startup founder and the seasoned business owner. From time-tested strategies for growth to profound insights on leadership and innovation, these literary gems have the power to shape the way entrepreneurs approach challenges and opportunities. Whether you're seeking inspiration, seeking to hone your leadership skills or simply looking to expand your entrepreneurial mindset, books are a must-have resource to empower and guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. To recommend a few of their favorites, Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) business leaders answer the following question:

7 Valuable Business Lessons These Entrepreneurs Learned From Their Mentors

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A trusted mentor can help you navigate business’s toughest challenges. Running and leading a successful business is no easy feat. That's why entrepreneurs often turn to trusted mentors, those who have already navigated similar challenges in their own businesses, for guidance and wisdom. As they grow and learn, these entrepreneurs can then pass on these valuable insights to the next generation of business owners. Below, a group of successful entrepreneurs share some of the most memorable advice they've received from their mentors. Read on to find out what lessons have stuck with them and why those words have been so impactful.

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With vacations, warm-weather activities and a renewed sense of energy to occupy your mind, staying productive in the summer months can sometimes be a difficult task. But whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to grow your business or a busy professional trying to get through a project, finding ways to maintain focus is key to being able to do your best work. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice your summer in order to stay productive. According to the members of Young Entrepreneur Council, it’s all about balance. Here, they discuss some of their best tips for how to find your focus and stay productive when the joys of summer are making you feel a bit distracted.

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