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Ashley Merrill

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As the founder of Lunya, Ashley Merrill and her team are reinventing sleepwear for the modern woman through innovation, design, and quality; resulting in a carefully edited collection of must-have pieces. Lunya’s core mission is simple - to make women’s lives better through product, experience and example. Ashley is utilizing Lunya, her background in tech and investing, to build her personal mission of helping create opportunity for women and girls. Beyond building Lunya, Ashley is an active supporter and board member for Girls Inc., a supporter of both Upstream and Planned Parenthood, and invests in many female entrepreneurs and funds. She is a Southern California native and resides there with her two young children and her husband.


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Lunya sleepwear for the modern woman. Premium quality, luxurious, functional natural fiber fabrics and innovative designs. It's not pajamas, it's sleepwear.


  • Lunya is reinventing sleepwear for the modern woman.


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