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WHAT WE DO I help ambitious business owners overcome financial challenges to increase product margins and project profitability. I know how seemingly small things can turn into massive issues on the operations side if not managed correctly. All the smart work on the project planning side of the business can easily come undone if there are issues with systems and processes. We have uniquely positioned ourselves to help construction and manufacturing companies navigate all aspects of operations and tax, to ensure they can maximize their profit. I do this using my proprietary P.R.O.F.I.T plan which I have developed exclusively for construction and manufacturing companies. HOW WE DO IT P R O F I T WHY IT WORKS Our P.R.O.F.I.T plan is proprietary with an excellent track record of delivering results for our clients. It has been used to optimize operations and tax environments and ensure all projects meet their margin requirements. Our system has helped many construction and manufacturing companies throughout the United States; earn, save, and retain hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. We position ourselves as; your project profit margin partner, ensuring optimal structure and tax efficiency. This means lower risk and higher reinvestment and growth for our clients. WHAT WE OFFER TO BEGIN WITH ★ Assess your current operation and project/product margins (if you know it) ★ Identify key challenges that stop you adding another project or product ★ Set clear goals to achieve improved margins and adding more projects and products ★ Create a tailored action plan for you VALUE TO TAKE HOME: ★ Misallocation of costs (Yes - there will be lots) ★ Reduced tax bill ★ Increased Project Profitability ★ Optimized operations ★ Building Cash Reserves Every Month Feel free to connect with me or drop me a message anytime at and check out


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January 20th, 2022

Building An All-Remote Company? Nine Solutions To Common Problems You’ll Face

Remote work has gained a lot of popularity since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. When most businesses were forced to adapt to remote work as the world went on lockdown, business owners, leaders and employees alike started to understand the benefits that remote work has to offer, with better work-life balance topping the list.

December 7th, 2021

4 Steps To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your CFO Relationship

Start by making a plan, moving on to processes, people and performance to help jump-start your relationship.


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