Ashleigh Hansberger


Co-founder & Brand Strategist

Dallas, TX


Ashleigh Hansberger is a speaker, brand strategist and Co-founder of Motto, an award winning branding and design agency that works with visionary companies to build brands that transcend the ordinary. Ashleigh's ahead-of-the-trend vision—building brands around who they are and what they stand for—championed a brand movement years before it became a top business trend. She loves working with spirited companies who cultivate vibrant cultures, dream big, and do what can't be done. Ashleigh has the unique ability to pull a compelling story from any brand and articulate meaning in a powerful way. Born and raised in Chicago, she co-founded Motto with Sunny Bonnell at the age of 22. For over a decade, she’s been helping entrepreneurs and companies shape their brands using a non-traditional approach so they don’t look, feel and sound like the rest of the market. It’s fair to say Ashleigh’s greatest strength is untangling the wants, needs and ideas that exist in leader’s minds, and shaping them into actionable strategies that have the power to inspire and transform. She believes every brand can be a remarkable brand, it’s just a matter of finding the right angle, leading the ship, and delivering a crush-worthy experience. Ashleigh is an Inc. 30 under 30 alumni and proud member of the YEC. She’s currently writing her first book with Sunny Bonnell about how great leaders defy the ordinary to build extraordinary brands.


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