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Anna-Mieke Anderson

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Anna-Mieke Anderson (pronounced Anna-Mee-kah) is the founder and active CEO of MiaDonna & Company and the founder of The Greener Diamond Foundation. She is a dedicated mother, an avid philanthropist and successful entrepreneur. When Anna-Mieke learned the truth behind the conflict origin of her earth-mined diamond in 2005, she became passionate about finding a conflict-free option. Fueled by a mother’s passion for helping children, she has built a globally admired, eco-friendly jewelry company that continues to push boundaries to create a socially responsible diamond industry. Not only did she grow a business, she pioneered an industry. She has dedicated her life to creating diamonds in a laboratory that are superior to earth-mined diamonds in every way, all while helping children caught in the middle of the unethical harvesting of mined diamonds. Anna-Mieke has made history by becoming a visionary in the new era of the diamond industry. Her passion to create lab-grown diamonds, even before the technology was available, has been recognized by industry authorities and organizations. She is now internationally recognized as a humanitarian activist and successful entrepreneur who works tirelessly to inspire other young women to embrace their authentic, feminine selves and follow their entrepreneurial spirit.


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MiaDonna & Company

Founded in 2005 by a mother passionate to create change in the world, MiaDonna offers beautiful, ethical and affordable fine jewelry made with recycled metals and the finest lab-grown diamonds and gemstones from the world’s leading labs. Handcrafted in the U.S.A., each conflict-free piece is created without negatively impacting native communities or the environment. MiaDonna’s goal is to redefine the jewelry industry by providing shoppers with a socially responsible alternative that counteracts the damage caused by the earth-mined diamond industry. As a foundation-first company, MiaDonna proudly gives back at least 10% of its net profits to their charity foundation, The Greener Diamond, to fund educational, agricultural, mentorship and urgent relief programs in diamond mining communities.


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