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Anik Decoste is a purpose-driven entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience designing social impact strategies for Fortune 500 companies.

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Books can be an invaluable source of information, experience, innovation, motivation and so much more. But for business leaders and entrepreneurs, books are immensely useful tools, whether they're seeking guidance, looking for insight on a specific process or just trying to find a source of inspiration and creativity.  Here, eight members of Young Entrepreneur Council share the books that have made the biggest impact on the way they lead their companies, and explain why they’d recommend these books to any entrepreneur looking to learn.

11 Ways Leaders Can Show Their Employees Gratitude

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Members of Young Entrepreneur Council suggest ways leaders can thank their teams for all their hard work. Workplace happiness is a major topic of discussion in today’s employment landscape. Employees now more than ever are discovering that their happiness is a priority when it comes to where and when they work, and many are no longer willing to compromise in favor of anything else. In order to keep current (and future) employees happy, then, employers will need to approach retention differently than they may have in the past. Luckily, the strategy behind this effort doesn’t need to be complicated, as there’s no better way to ensure your team is happy and fulfilled than by showing your gratitude for all the hard work they do. Consider the following steps recommended by Young Entrepreneur Council leaders to help get you started.

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E-commerce has steadily risen in popularity among aspiring entrepreneurs who want a simple business model with less overhead than a traditional retail store. Selling online is a great way for inexperienced entrepreneurs to make money, test their business acumen and interface with customers online. However, like any business, creating an e-commerce site isn't as easy as paying for a domain and letting the website sit. You have to ensure a positive customer experience with great products and excellent service. Below, 10 members of Young Entrepreneur Council give their best advice for building a successful e-commerce site for those with no or limited business experience.

15 Ways for Business Leaders to Overcome Perfectionism

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Members of Young Entrepreneur Council offer their advice on how to stop chasing an imaginary perfection and move forward with your business. Entrepreneurs naturally want their businesses to be as perfect as possible. What many business leaders may not realize, however, is that in striving for perfection, they may actually be doing more harm than good. Leaders who always seek perfection can end up delaying projects, spending unnecessary money, destroying team morale and undermining their own self-confidence if they aren’t careful about how they channel this perfectionism. To provide guidance on how to do just that, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council shared their best advice for overcoming perfectionism in business.


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Members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss why doing these things could do more harm than good for your business. Even the best businesses are bound to get a bad review at some point, and yet, for new business owners, this can be a difficult reality to face. No business leader wants to hear that a customer had a bad experience with a product or service, especially after all the time and effort put into getting it just right. This situation can lead entrepreneurs to become frustrated or dejected, and they may end up responding in a way that they come to regret later on. If you want to resolve the situation, retain your customer and boost your company’s reputation, there are certain things you should never do in response to a bad review. Below, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council list several of these “don’ts” and explain what you should be doing instead.

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With so many other ways to keep in touch digitally and so many other places businesses can compete for attention, email may not seem like a good first choice for communicating with your customers. And yet, while it's no secret that many people ignore their emails these days, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers.  To make your emails stand out, you’ll need to employ a few strategies to make your emails more enticing and able to grab the attention of your target audience. Here, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council share their best tips for creating effective marketing emails and why they work so well.

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MTTR; definition: mean time to repair; a measurement representing the average time required to repair a broken system. MTTR is a subscription digital media platform of curated content and community discourse designed to help us better understand the issues keeping us apart. MTTR aims to solve for polarization by focusing on the biggest issues of the day through multiple perspectives. Curated by leaders and experts from all walks of life, MTTR provides its audience with access to wide-ranging sources and content from the best publishers, creators and thought-leaders in the world, all in one place, plus a hub for discussion and reflection among MTTR members and contributors. As a reaction to the total breakdown in news, social connectivity, and civil dialogue, MTTR will offer a large and growing audience — that feels overwhelmed and underserved by traditional media and social media — with an alternative to the misinformation and echo-chambers that are so pervasive today. MTTR — signal in the noise for the mediasick generation. Coming 2021.


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