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Andy Pandharikar

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Andy Pandharikar is the CEO and Founder of Commerce.AI. His previous startup was acquired by Flipkart group, which later got acquired by Walmart for $16B. Prior to that, Andy held various product and engineering positions at Cisco. He is also a member of SF Angels Group and has invested in a number of startups as an angel investor. He attended M.S. in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University and an Executive Degree at Harvard Business School. Andy is an outdoor enthusiast, an ultramarathoner, and a certified lead rock climber.


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Commerce.AI was founded with the mission to harness the power of artificial intelligence to change the way commerce is done. We are training our AI to learn about all the products and associated consumer feedback in the form of natural language. When the AI starts to understand which product features work well, it can empower the humans to do what we are best at... to build great products and sell with confidence!


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