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Andy Karuza is the Marketing Lead at NachoNacho, founder of FenSens, and on the Advisory Board for Teracube and LitPic. He is a leader in innovative product development and marketing strategies, with over 10 product launches under his management. He has worked in startups and Fortune 500 companies as an innovator to bring new ideas or add value to the marketplace through innovative products.

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Nine Skills And Traits Even Top Marketing Leaders Should Continue To Hone (And Why)

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It can be said that no professional is ever truly done learning—even ones with years of experience. This is especially true for marketing professionals, as the interests and behaviors of consumers are constantly changing, meaning the way companies must market to them must change as well. In order to keep up, marketers must continue to hone a number of skills throughout their careers, whether that’s through online courses or continued on-the-job training. While not every skill or trait should be given the same amount of attention, there are a few that should make the top of your list. Here, the business leaders of Young Entrepreneur Council share nine skills or traits even the best marketing leaders should continue to work on and why.

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While any aspiring entrepreneur hopes to achieve success right away, one difficult truth many now-successful entrepreneurs cite is that the road to successful entrepreneurship is often paved with failure. From poor ideas to failed launches to repeated rejections, failure can crop up in numerous ways throughout a business leader’s career, no matter how experienced or knowledgable they are. However, even understanding that failure is part of the journey won’t necessarily make it an easy path to follow, making maintaining a positive perspective in the face of rejection and adversity a difficult task. To offer their guidance, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council discuss their best advice for maintaining the right mindset while on your entrepreneurial journey and how doing so will catapult you toward success.

Building Self-Confidence as an Entrepreneur: 7 Tried-and-True Tips

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As an entrepreneur, believing in yourself and your ideas is foundational to your success. For entrepreneurs, having confidence is like having a secret weapon. It's key to facing obstacles, winning over others and ensuring the success of any venture. However, gaining that confidence is often easier said than done, especially with all the challenges that come with starting and growing a company. To help entrepreneurs build their confidence, a group of successful business leaders share their expert insights on why self-belief is so crucial to running a business, as well as seven tried-and-true tips on how to achieve it.

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No matter what business you run, when you’re designing your website, you’re not really designing it for your business—you’re designing it for your customers. Users of your website need to be able to easily find your website and navigate it to find the solution to their problem. This process is all part of their user experience (UX), and providing them with a positive experience should be your main motivation behind every design choice you make. As business leaders themselves, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council understand what it takes to produce a thoughtful website that keeps the user experience in mind, and here, they each share the one rule or lesson they think about when trying to create a better user experience for their website visitors and how this thinking helps shape their final design.

13 Must-Read Business Books for Entrepreneurs

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Knowledge is the key to success. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, as the wisdom shared in books can prove to be invaluable for both the budding startup founder and the seasoned business owner. From time-tested strategies for growth to profound insights on leadership and innovation, these literary gems have the power to shape the way entrepreneurs approach challenges and opportunities. Whether you're seeking inspiration, seeking to hone your leadership skills or simply looking to expand your entrepreneurial mindset, books are a must-have resource to empower and guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. To recommend a few of their favorites, Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) business leaders answer the following question:

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"Build your network" is common advice given to professionals looking to find new jobs, make major business moves and succeed in their careers. But when the busyness of life and work sets in, it can sometimes be difficult to build and then nurture those relationships so they maintain their strength over time. Without these relationships, you may miss out on potential opportunities or connections that could play an important role in your future success. To help you find the balance needed to manage both your network and your personal life, 10 members of Young Entrepreneur Council offer their top advice for maintaining professional relationships while also prioritizing your personal ones.

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