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Andrew Powell

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Learn to Win

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Andrew Powell is the Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of Learn to Win, a learning technology company serving high-performance organizations, including professional sports teams in NFL, NHL, and NBA, the US Department of Defense, and Fortune 500 companies. Andrew grew up in Tennessee and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a Morehead-Cain Scholar, where he served as Student Body President. Before founding Learn to Win, Andrew was part of the founding team of the African Leadership University, where he was the Learning Innovation lead and launched three new universities based in Mauritius, Rwanda and Kenya. Andrew holds an MBA from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, where he designed a new course on Technology, Innovation and Modern Warfare.


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Learn to Win

Learn to Win’s software platform unlocks Last Mile Learning for organizations. What is Last Mile Learning? It's the critical operational knowledge unique to every team. Last Mile training drives 80% of job performance, but it's unique to every org and can't be bought off-the-shelf. It lives in your experts' heads. It's taught informally - if at all. How does Learn To Win unlock Last-Mile Learning? Our platform makes it fast and simple for anyone to build a lesson. For learners, our technology incorporates learning science principles proven to make training more engaging and effective. Our mobile-first platform delivers learning in bite-size chunks that are easy to consume in the flow of work. We work with hundreds of customers: Fast-food chains upleveling workers on drive-thru management, NFL teams training on playbooks and scouting reports, tech companies onboarding new engineers, pharmaceutical companies readying sales reps for new product releases, and Air Force pilots drilling on emergency procedures. Ready to unlock Last-Mile Learning in your organization? We'd love to talk to you!


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