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As the CEO of Dispatch, I am dedicated to simplifying same-day local delivery. Our technology is founded on creating transparent, communicative courier services for multiple B2B industries nationwide. We partner with businesses and drivers to create delivery options that are cost-effective, quick and empowering. Dispatch, LLC enables businesses to track their vital same-day courier shipment in real-time through a user-friendly iOS app or web app. Businesses can request pick-up and delivery directly through the driver, bypassing traditional expenses that burden businesses and reduce driver pay. Businesses are empowered with GPS tracking of their packages and driver information, so there are no surprise delays or wondering where packages are. Drivers log their deliveries through digital signatures or door delivery pictures as proof-of-delivery, effectively closing the loop from request to transport. With a strong backing in outside capital, we are rapidly growing and expecting to expand into a national market for B2B transportation. You can learn more about our business, model, technology, and services by visiting our website,


January 25th, 2019

Could Closing Stores Be Good For Business?

New expectations for customer experience have redefined many aspects of the retail experience.



Dispatch is a marketplace technology that enables businesses to order a courier directly from the driver - bypassing traditional expenses that minimize company profits and reduce driver pay. With a traditional system, you don’t know what’s happening once you place an order. Maybe you need information on a driver who’s on their way to get a package for pickup and delivery. Or you want to know the expected timing so you can make most efficient use of everyone’s schedule. Either way, you are spending more time than necessary coordinating logistics. And, chances are too much time is lost to waiting than is good for your business. Believe Me. We Know. That's Why Dispatch Was Created We had the same problems in our distribution company. In fact, we had so many deliveries during any given day, drivers lined up outside our warehouse in the morning, waiting for orders. All day long, we had people coming and going and parts being run all over town (sometimes much further) without knowing when packages would get picked up, or how much waiting would be involved, on either end. Not only does waiting time eat up productivity, it costs you profits. Up until now, we’ve all accepted that, because it works. Not well perhaps. Or not as efficiently as it could. We got tired of the time delays and lack of transparency. We just couldn't take it anymore. Thus, Dispatch was born. Our software brings total transparency to the courier industry with real time eta's, GPS tracking, automated wait time billing, geo-fencing and a bunch of other fancy stuff.


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