Andrea Lake

Founder & CEO

Los Angeles, CA


Andrea creates business ventures on the frontiers of technology and popular culture. Not satisfied with a conventional path, Andrea skipped college and personally financed her first enterprise: Rhythm Styx. Driven by her early achievements, at age 23 Andrea started a clothing distribution company targeted at the burgeoning youth market, which today has exclusive sales rights to chain stores on many of the largest video game licenses, including World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, StarWars Old Republic, Minecraft, etc. Since then Andrea founded and is CEO of several unique companies:,,, Delinquent Distribution,, Rhythm Styx, and the Lessons on Becoming a Millionaire Box Sets. She is an expert in productization and boot strapping, she has self-financed & organically grown all of her companies from scratch, and has never traded a cash infusion for an ownership stake in any of her ventures. Andrea loves business the way some people love football, but it is far from her only passion. Addicted to yoga, hiking, traveling & road trips, she also used to be a professional fire dancer & is focusing in 2012 on getting her fire skills back up to scratch. She lives part time in La Jolla and part time in Sedona, AZ.


For near 15 years has been the top-rated make-your-own-sticker company online. That's because we were the first, and have always had one mission - sticker the world with your stories. StickerJunkie does just that by making it easy to design custom vinyl stickers from scratch with our intuitive 'StickerMachine' or by uploading your artwork. We take pride in delivering the best quality stickers for any client, large or small.


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