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Amanda Signorelli

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Ex-Mckinsey turned startup addict. Former CEO of Techweek, a media and event technology company headquartered in Chicago. Now I am the co-founder of Golden Steer Steak Company, the oldest and most iconic fine dining steakhouse in Las Vegas. We ship fine dining in a box, host virtual dinners, and serve diners all in effort to make meals memorable.


November 12th, 2020

10 Common Cash Flow Mistakes You Might Make As A New Entrepreneur

Cash flow --  the amount of money that comes in and goes out of a business -- is often a concern for many new companies. Generating a healthy cash flow requires careful planning and a commitment to a strong operational strategy. However, a lack of experience in cash flow management as a new entrepreneur can put you at a disadvantage.


Golden Steer

The Golden Steer includes the oldest and most iconic steakhouse in Las Vegas and our eCommerce business. Beloved for serving the famous and infamous since 1958 we have built a brand around making moments matter through authentic and shared experiences.


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