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Aman Advani

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Ministry of Supply

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Aman was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and graduated from Georgia Tech in 2007 with a bachelor's in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He went on to focus in operational strategy consulting in Deloitte's S&O Consulting group, where he spent 3 years advising companies on their long term production and operational plans. During that time, he was hit with his inspiration - the stagnant men's wardrobe, starting with men's dress socks. After trying the non-profit world for less than a year (in southern Africa) working for a non-profit consulting group, Aman went on to MIT's Sloan School of Management to pursue his MBA. After less than a year, Aman left to pursue his passion and found his co-founders in starting Ministry of Supply.


Ministry of Supply

Our mission is to design the best products possible through scientific research and human-centered design, all while ensuring a minimal footprint. Dress clothes are notoriously stiff, high-maintenance, and resource-intensive to produce. Using human-centered design and innovative materials, we design sweat-proof, flexible, and machine-washable apparel. Clothes you actually want to wear, and that flex with the demands of a nonstop workday. We engineer products for people who never stop moving, who never stop making a difference, who want to turn a great idea into a better reality now and for the future. While our peers hacked code, we hacked clothing. Our first prototypes were Frankenstein creations: socks and dress shirts built by sewing fabric from our favorite athletic clothes into business-appropriate attire. Introduced by a professor, we showed up to our first meeting carrying our cobbled-together garments. When we discovered our shared passion, we knew we had something truly special to share. Ministry of Supply, was the cover agency for the inventor immortalized as “Q” in James Bond. During WWII, Q (AKA Charles Fraser-Smith) invented gadgets and clothing to help British soldiers and secret agents succeed on their missions. We’re inspired by Charles Fraser-Smith, and aim to be your real-life Q. We are dedicated to combating waste in the textile industry by reducing our footprint, reusing what we can, and utilizing recycled materials at all applicable stages of our production process. From re-considering our inputs to re-thinking our supply chain, we are constantly thinking of ways we can better reduce our impact on the environment and create a more sustainable world.


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