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Alexander Young

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Alex created Virti to help improve mental health support for students and professionals as they learn. A trauma and orthopaedic surgeon by training, Alex built and sold his first company whilst at medical school. He went on to scale an award-winning medical education company internationally from his bedroom while still training in the NHS using self-taught coding skills! Alex holds a master’s degree in Surgical Science and a postgraduate degree in medical education. Alex has won multiple awards with Virti including the VR Healthcare Award at The VR Awards, Royal College of Surgeons’ Edinburgh Triennial Surgical Innovation Prize and the Association of Medical Education Technology Prizes.


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Virti is an ed-tech company that uses virtual and augmented reality combined with artificial intelligence to transport learners into realistic, hard-to-access, learning environments and safely assesses them under pressure to improve performance regardless of geographical boundaries. Our VR application is also named Virti; sharing a namesake with the company.


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